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"Wiedersehen" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Better Call Saul, and the thirty-ninth episode of the series altogether.



BCS 409 01

In Lubbock, Texas, Kim—walking on crutches, with a protective boot on one leg, goes to City Hall to visit the Department of Building Safety. There, she tells the clerk that she may have presented a submission with out-of-date conference room dimensions for Mesa Verde's new Lubbock branch, having brought along updated blueprints. While comparing two blueprints before them, Kim falsely tells the clerk that she has an eight month old child whom she's been raising alone with some help from her brother. After Kim and the clerk find that the dimensions on the blueprints are the same, Jimmy, posing as the brother walks into the room without a baby. He calmly claims that he left Kim's "son" in the Jeep outside while coming in to ask if a bag of milk seems fresh. Kim feigns panic and rushes out with Jimmy trailing behind, leaving her bags on the counter. As they leave, Jimmy sets the bag of milk on the official blueprint and it begins to leak. When Kim comes back, the clerk shows her that the approved blueprints have been ruined by the milk. As Kim panics, the clerk proposes exchanging the official blueprint with Kim's, since they already confirmed that they are identical. When retrieving them, Kim instead switches them for a different copy, hidden in the same container. The clerk then applies the official stamp on each sheet of the drawing set while Kim watches and smiles.

Act I[]

BCS 409 02

Nacho and Lalo visit the Casa Tranquila nursing home, where Hector is sitting in the common room in a wheelchair. Lalo addresses Hector, remembering an incident where the two of them burned down a hotel and tortured the proprietor for showing disrespect. Lalo goes on to say that he went back into the hotel as it was burning, and retrieved a souvenir that he has kept for years. He presents the souvenir to Hector as a gift: the brass bell from the hotel's front desk. Lalo secures the bell to the armrest of Hector's wheelchair, allowing him to ring it with his limited ability. He then sends Nacho away so he can speak to Hector in private about "The Chilean".

That night, Kim and Jimmy eat at a diner on their way back to Albuquerque. Jimmy is looking forward to getting his law license reinstated in a week, and plans to use the customers from his drop phone business as his new clientele. Jimmy goes on to suggest that he and Kim pull off scams together to get his new clients out of harsh sentences, similar to the scheme they undertook to bail out Huell. Kim suggests that they "only use our powers for good," helping deserving people and not just criminals. Jimmy points out that they have just scammed the city of Lubbock into giving Mesa Verde a larger bank branch, questioning how that fits into Kim's definition of good. When she doesn't reply, Jimmy backs off and agrees to follow her plan.

BCS 409 03
BCS 409 04

Inside the excavation beneath Lavanderia Brillante, Werner and Kai place explosive charges into the rock obstructing their construction. When ready to detonate, Kai discover that one of the circuits connecting the charges to the detonator is faulty. Werner volunteers to go back into the excavation to check out the problem. However, once inside, he suffers an anxiety attack. After telling himself to get it together, Werner tracks down the fault in the wiring and repairs it. After he returns to the surface, Kai arms the detonator while Tyrus drives a large truck outside the laundry. They coordinate so that the truck hits potholes on the road just as the charges are detonated, masking the sound of the blast. The workmen cheer the successful explosion while Werner and Mike remain subdued, with Mike having noticed Werner's fidgeting.

Act II[]

BCS 409 05
BCS 409 06

At the warehouse, Werner's men drink beer in celebration; Kai, exhibiting a rare positive attitude, joins the others in inviting Mike to join them. Taking a sip of beer, Mike sees that Werner is withdrawn and approaches him to find out what's wrong. Werner admits that the excavation is taking longer than he expected, and that he has begun to feel homesick after spending many months away from his wife in Germany. He wants to go back home for one weekend and allow Kai to temporarily take over supervising the project. Mike urges Werner to push through until the work is done, but agrees to let him talk to his wife over the phone the following day. Werner seemingly accepts the compromise and leaves Mike to himself.

BCS 409 07

Meanwhile, at Los Pollos Hermanos, Lyle visits Gus in his office and tells him that two men—one of whom he has recognized from Hector's visit the previous year—are in the restaurant. Gus greets Nacho and Lalo, the latter of whom enthusiastically compliments Gus for his chicken. Lalo is invited back into Gus' office, where he thanks Gus on behalf of the Salamanca family for saving Hector's life. He also speculates that Eladio enjoys exploiting the "bad blood" between Gus and the Salamancas, implying that he's seeking an alliance against the don. Gus replies that he is "satisfied with the current arrangement" and shakes Lalo's hand as he leaves. Outside the restaurant, Lalo asks Nacho to drive him to Gus' chicken farm.

Act III[]

BCS 409 08

Jimmy faces a three-person committee concerning the reinstatement of his law license. One of the panelists, Meg, mentions that Jimmy has received several sales awards from his employers at CC Mobile, unaware that the sales came from his drop phone business. Jimmy claims that he has been humbled by the actions which caused his year-long suspension, and promises that nothing like that will ever happen again. When Meg asks what the law means to him, Jimmy admits that he earned his law degree from a correspondence school, but says that he feels passion when he represents his clients. When Meg asks who most influenced him, Jimmy says it was his correspondence school. The committee promises to send a letter with their decision in the next few days.


Jimmy slamming his briefcase in the wall in frustration.

Jimmy leaves the committee meeting, but struggles to decide whether to go back inside with a pitch as he did at Neff Copiers. Instead, Jimmy waits outside the committee room until the stenographer steps out. Jimmy asks her what the panel ended up deciding, but her uneasy composure leads him to realize that he won't be reinstated and discovers that they left through a different door in the room without seeing him. Jimmy tracks down the committee chairman and asks what he did wrong. The chairman admits that other members of the committee felt that Jimmy was "insincere" in his statements, causing them to keep his license suspended for another year. After the chairman leaves, Jimmy throws his briefcase against a wall in anger.

Act IV[]

Mike enters the industrial trailer outside the warehouse, where one of his cohorts has been monitoring the phone call between Werner and his wife. After he ends the call, Werner looks at the security cameras set up around the warehouse.

In her office at Schweikart & Cokely, Kim is on a conference call with Paige as she prepares gifts for Jimmy, expecting for his law license to have been reinstated. However, upon getting a phone call from Jimmy bearing the bad news, Kim arranges a meeting atop S&C's parking deck. Jimmy drives hurriedly to the meet, and upon arriving launches into an enraged tirade about the committee's decision. When Kim asks for a summary of the meeting, she learns that Jimmy did not mention Chuck at all, the victim of the crime that got him suspended, to the committee. When Kim points this out, Jimmy becomes angrier at being expected to feel sympathy for Chuck, claiming he does not think about him nor miss him in the least. The two begin trading recriminations: Jimmy accusing Kim of seeing him as "Slippin' Jimmy," and Kim telling Jimmy that he's shown no appreciation for the countless times she's gotten get him out of trouble. When Jimmy tells Kim that she is "kicking him when he's down", she replies: "Jimmy, you are always down." Kim walks off and leaves Jimmy alone on the parking deck.

Act V[]

BCS 409 16

After dark, Kim sits drinking in her apartment when Jimmy comes in and, without saying a word, begins packing his clothes. When Kim walks up behind him, Jimmy admits that he "messed it all up." Kim asks Jimmy if he still wants to be a lawyer, and when he says he does, she tells him they will "start with that."

BCS 409 17

The following day, Mike drives up to the warehouse and delivers coffee to his men. He notices dead pixels on one of the monitors, leading Arthur to tell him that the camera flared during a brief voltage spike. At Mike's behest, they review the other cameras and find that two of them, including one on the outside perimeter, also have dead pixels. Mike takes Arthur inside the warehouse and searches Werner's living quarters, discovering a letter left behind on his bed. Arthur is sent to check on the upstairs stock room, where he finds several doors ajar, their locks cut, leading to the roof and an access ladder. Outside, Mike finds the laser tape measure Werner used to blind the cameras along his escape route.

Official Photos[]


  • The history behind Hector's infamous bell and how he got it is explained.
  • Lalo is revealed to be Hector's nephew though his exact relation in regards to the other members of the family such as Tuco is still unrevealed.
  • Gus tells Lalo that he has seven restaurants, while in Breaking Bad the number went up to fourteen.
  • There is a small mistake in editing this episode. When Mike brings coffee to the warehouse security team, one of the guards drinks a sip of coffee and puts the cup on his desk. The next shot, in the immediate continuity of the scene, the same guard puts the cup on his desk, once again.
  • The staircase where Jimmy threw his briefcase happens to be the same one where Huell bumped into Chuck and slipped the battery in the latter's pocket in "Chicanery".
  • "Wiedersehen" is German for "see again", or an abbreviation for "Auf Wiedersehen", which means "good bye".
    • The construction workers wrote this on the rock they were going to blast.
    • One of Mike's men monitoring Werner's phone call to his wife says that they have been "saying goodbye for about 20 minutes now".
  • This is the final episode of the series written by writer/executive producer Gennifer Hutchison after she left Better Call Saul writing team before season 5 to join Amazon's Lord of the Rings series as a writer/executive producer. In total, she wrote 5 episodes of Breaking Bad and 8 episodes of Better Call Saul.
  • This episode is the first of four episodes in Better Call Saul to be directed by Vince Gilligan but not written by him. The other episode are "Bagman", "Carrot and Stick", and "Point and Shoot".
  • During their fight, Jimmy accuses Kim of believing he's "the kind of lawyer guilty people hire". This is the same phrase Betsy Kettleman called him as she explains why she won't hire him. ("Hero")



Featured Music[]

  • "Long as I Have You" by Al Hazan feat. Myrna Rowlands (Jimmy and Kim discuss how they should use their scamming skills to help people)
  • "Mein erstes richtiges Liebeslied" by Anajo (The Germans celebrate)

Memorable Quotes[]

Jimmy: "Unexpected bonus of the drop-phone business. It turns out it's great for client development."
Kim: "Yes, I guess that's true."
Jimmy: "Sooner or later, every last one those idiots is gonna need an attorney. Of course, they all know me as Saul Goodman."
Kim: "That's just details."
Jimmy: "Gotta say, a lot of people are gonna be begging for the old "Huell Babineaux" treatment."
Kim: "What's that?"
Jimmy: "Our powers combined. People would pay top dollar for us to undo a potentially life-ruining sentence."
Kim: "I think we should only use our power for good."
―Jimmy on the road to Saul Goodman.

Mike: "You want to see your wife?"
Werner: "More than anything else."
Mike: "Then finish the job."
―Mike refuses Werner's request to go see his wife

Lalo: "Varga tells me that while everyone else was picking their asses, you rushed him, stuck him on the chest and brought him back."
Gus: "It was simple instinct."
Lalo: "But still, with all the history between you two... What you did was gesture of peace. At least, that's how we see it."
Gus: "I'm very pleased to hear that."
―Lalo makes it clear to Gus that he is not fooled by his real intentions.

Jimmy: "Insincere! INSINCERE! (...) A goddamn year?! What am I supposed to do for a whole year?! (...) I guarantee I'm not selling cell phones for a fucking year, I'll tell you that!"
Kim: "What did they say, exactly?"
Jimmy: "A hard pass! And don't tell me I can appeal because once the board hears the word, "insincere", I'm screwed! How do you disprove insincere?!"
Kim: "Jimmy, please! Jimmy, just take a breath, and start from the beginning. Please."
Jimmy: "I was good, Kim. I–I mean, I wasn't stuck up, but I knew my shit! Right?! "What have you been doing during your suspension?", and, "Have you been keeping up with the law?", yadda-yadda. All fine! And then one of them, out of nowhere, comes up with this weird-ass question: "What does the law mean to you?""
Kim: "That's a big one."
Jimmy: "Huge! And I nailed it! I talked about the meaning of the law, and I was down to earth, and I was humble, and I was sincere. And they loved it! (...) So, they turned me down!"
Kim: "Well, there has to be more to it than that."
Jimmy: "There's not!"
Kim: "I don't...What did they say when you talked about Chuck?"
Jimmy: "What does Chuck have to do with this? What..."
Kim: "So, you didn't even..."
Jimmy: "Why would I?"
Kim: "Okay. Okay, um... Okay, listen, we will figure this out. And yes, you will appeal... We'll appeal this, we won't let them! We'll find a way to make you look sincere!"
Jimmy: "They're just gonna rubber stamp... Kim, I was sincere!"
Kim: "I know that. I meant we will fix it."
Jimmy: "I might have been a little corny, but I meant every word!"
Kim: "I know that."
―Kim and Jimmy talking on the rooftop after Jimmy was called insincere

Jimmy: "You don't believe me."
Kim: "Of course I do."
Jimmy: "Jesus, it's right there on your face! You think I'm some kind of low-life..."
Kim: "What?!"
Jimmy: "...some kind of asshole kind of lawyer guilty people hire, right?"
Kim: "No, Jimmy, that—that's not what I..."
Jimmy: "You look at me, and you see Slippin' Jimmy!"
Kim: "I never said that!"
Jimmy: "Yeah, but you thought it!"
―Kim and Jimmy's argument

Kim: "You wanna know why the committee called you insincere? Because you didn't mention Chuck."
Jimmy: "What does that have to even..."
Kim: "They read the transcripts, they know what happened. Jimmy, they waited for you to say something about him."
Jimmy: "So I'm supposed to make a hairy deal about my dead brother at my reinstatement hearing? How is that sincere? I don't think about Chuck, okay? I don't miss Chuck. Chuck was alive, and now he's dead, and that's that. Vanito. Life goes on, so sue me. See, there it is again! That's why we don't have an office!"
Kim: "What? No! Do not start in on that office. I don't wanna hear another word about this stupid office."
Jimmy: "Stupid office? Okay, here we go, here we go."
Kim: "Jimmy! I have been on your side since the day we met! Who comes running when you call? Who cleans up you messes? I have a job, but I drop everything for you. Every single time. You confess to a felony on tape, I'm there. You have a bar hearing, I represent you. Over and over again, if you need me, I'm there. But somehow in your mind, the only measure of my feelings for you is some office?"
Jimmy: "I'm good to live with, to sleep with, but God forbid you should have an office with me."
Kim: "What are you-? I just told you-"
Jimmy: "You get bored with your life, so you come roll around in the dirt, have some fun with Slippin' Jimmy, then back up."
Kim: "Oh, is it fun? Fun like lying to the ADA to get your friend out of the shitter? Or fun like standing there with a smile plastered on my face while you play infantile mind games on my law partner?"
Jimmy: "Oh, what a mistake it was to take me up to your office, in the sky. You'll never do that again."
Kim: "Maybe I won't. And maybe next time you call, I won't come."
Jimmy: "There you go, kick a man when he's down."
Kim: "Jimmy, you are always down."
―The unspoken come to light between Kim and Jimmy.