There are so many stars visible in New Mexico. I will walk out there. To get a better look.
― Werner's last words.[src]

Werner Ziegler was the German engineer hired to construct Gustavo Fring's superlab.


Background information

Like Werner, his father was also an engineer. Werner's father was the engineer who created the Sydney Opera House, a job that he dedicated over a decade of his life to. Werner is married to a woman named Margarethe he's been with for twenty-six years and had never spent months at a time apart from her since they got together. ("Coushatta")

Season 4

At the end of Wiedersehen, he escapes the warehouse using a laser pointer to temporarily blind the security cameras.

Mike manages to track down Werner, but not before he receives a call from Lalo Salamanca posing as one of Gus' men. Werner gives Lalo some of the details on the superlab's construction before being interrupted by Mike. Mike takes Werner out into the desert where he is ordered by Gus to wait for some of his men to arrive to kill Werner who can no longer be trusted. Mike reluctantly agrees to take care of the matter himself and makes it clear to Werner what will happen and gets Werner to send his wife home so she can be safe. After Mike assures him that his crew will be safe, Werner comments on all the stars visible in New Mexico and pointedly tells Mike that he will take a walk to get a better look at them. As he walks, Mike follows and executes Werner with a shot to the back of the head. ("Winner")


  • There exists some parallels between Werner’s and Walter White’s characterization and story arc. Both characters started out as important and trustworthy employees to Gus and Mike, but eventually began falling out of their favor as they both made bad decisions that jeapordized their employer’s business. However the lines between the two characters are eventually drawn upon each of them significantly damaging the secrecy and functioning of their business operations to the point Gus finds them too dangerous to be kept alive. Unlike how Walt retaliated against Gus by taking extreme measures to escape that fate, Werner accepted the fact that he made mistakes and that there was no other way, thus allowing Mike to execute him.
    • Coincidentally, Werner’s first name likely came from the same German scientist, Dr Werner Heisenberg, whose surname was used by Walt for his iconic pseudonym; thus further connecting those two characters together.
  • Ironically, the day of Werner's death, caused by his love for Margarethe was February 14th (Valentine's Day).


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