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Watching Breaking Bad is a single by American Rapper Chamillionaire.[1]

Chamillionaire released his first single of the year titled Watching Breaking Bad on  February 13, 2014, in recognition of the TV show Breaking Bad and featured Tami LaTrell.[2]



Watching Breaking, watching Breaking Bad

Watching Breaking, watching Breaking Bad

[Verse 1]

Became a street millionaire, my girl had to pay the price

Got mad cause I wrecked a car then I went back and bought it twice

The kit came with all the pipes, the fibers the carbon type

So I couldn't resist it she can't tell me, who's wrong right

A hell of a temper the type to walk in a bar and fight

I feel like my lawyers employed to give me the wrong advice

You must think that you're Walter White, well my rocks looking awful bright

And my pistols named Jesse Pinkman cause he'll be my dog for life

I would tell you more but that'd be a new conversation

Warning labels says no informants where harmed in the making

These fakers think that it's friendly they must have got me mistaken

I'm in the empire business, the streets are mine for the taking

The mixtape music mogul, you should know who to go to

But don't really matter I'm still gonna cake through the mobile

These kids ain't moving global, the fakes ain't doing total

Amounts of the product so we can still come through and show who

The Houston Tex Heisenberg, that poison what I'mma serve

A whole bunch of students and all movers disguised as nerds

Hop in my ride and swerve I pull up beside the curb

Cause I'm so good at cooking and when I'm cooking do not disturb

I'm headed home after work, so glad that it Friday

My woman just made it home and her cars in the driveway

She's always emotional she threatens to fly away

But I'm the man of the house so she gon' do what I say

Right here in my living room my La-Z-Boy on recline

She's always suspicious and plus she thinks that I'm always lying

Don't talk about loyalty she's more loyal than y'all combined

I'd call her a dime if she wasn't nagging me all the time like


Now just tell me where we're you at the other night

Tell me why you keep on asking questions all the time

I already know (What?) so don't even lie, (I don't lie) you can't deny

Stop it cause I'm not falling into your trap

What type of stalker question is that? (So just tell me)

You keep on asking where I was at (So just tell me)

But ain't no need to ask me where I was at cause I was home watching Breaking Bad Breaking Bad

[Verse 2]

What the heck are you talking 'bout, can I please get some breakfast

You talking all reckless like I ain't the truth from Texas

Thin line between love and hate you should carefully thread it

Anyone looking for a problem can come here and get it

And that's the moment I see her making a face that looks so familiar

She ain't saying nothing now but her face says I'm gonna kill ya

Then I respond to her saying I don't know what you're referring to

She swung like she tried to turn my face to a convertible

And she missed me, man she's lucky she did see

If that punch would'a hit me my patience would'a been history

Started giving her quotes like no weapon that's formed against me

That just made it get worse but she'll have to calm down eventually

She said I knew sneaky that day you pulled out that missile toe

Then I had to check you like what you looking at my sister for

You think I'm invisible, did you see me kiss her, no

Then why you accusing me like this is something I did before

How what I did Christmas Day even get in the picture

Cause you begging for trouble you tried to sleep with my sister

Only time that I'm begging is when I'm begging to differ

Why you gotta be simple? What you running ya lips for?

I'm not feeling ya tone of voice all this stress isn't needed

I got plenty work to do you won't let me complete it

I put the food on ya plate if you don't like it beat

Keep on bringing this subject up and you won't ever leave it

Alone you keep nagging me, like it's such a tragedy

That I'm cool with ya family you shouldn't even be mad at me

See tripped on the sofa and accidentally straddled me

And I wasn't even kissing her, she was showing me her cavity



You ain't see me nowhere promise you ain't see me

I was home on the couch sitting watching TV

Sitting watching TV, sitting watching TV

I was home on the couch sitting watching TV

[Verse 3]

I told her watch how you talk to me, you need to be calming down

They hear you from up the street, the neighbors can hear the sound

Of you trying to curse at me, the police are coming now

Look what you did woman, the police are coming now

Help me hide all this green, there ain't no I in team

And your jealous eyes the most jealous eyes I done ever seen

I made us all this cream, you bought the finer things

It don't take a genius to see this a baby mama's dream

Need to stop treating me like a dog in the kennel

I'm the man of the house you must have not got the memo

You gone come back and cook some food we gonna watch Jimmy Kimmel

Walk outside and this woman done threw a brick through my window

I'm like you know you done messed up now, you mad I don't even care

She buckled the baby into the baby seat in the chair

She's trying to drive away, I raised a brick in the air

Then all of a sudden I heard a "freeze right there"


Watching Breaking, watching Breaking Bad

Watching Breaking, watching Breaking Bad


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