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Remembering you that way... wouldn't be so bad. The bad way to remember you would be the way-.... the way you’ve been this whole last year. At least last night you were... real, you know?
― Walter Jr. talking to Walt about his relationship towards his behaviour.[src]

Walter Hartwell White Jr. known simply as Walt Jr. or Junior and also by his alias "Flynn", is Walter and Skyler's seventeen-year-old son, and the older brother of Holly. He attends J. P. Wynne High School, where his father used to work as a high school chemistry teacher. He has cerebral palsy, as manifested in speech difficulties and impaired motor control, for which he uses crutches.

Warning, the following may contain spoilers.
When Skyler tells her sister Marie Schrader that she is working on a new short story with a stoner character in it, she asks her about marijuana. Marie assumes that Skyler thinks Jr. is smoking pot, but Skyler insists that she was just talking about her story. Marie asks her husband Hank, a DEA agent, to scare Jr. straight, leading him to Jr. to a motel to show how meth has corroded the teeth of a prostitute. After Sr. reveals to Hank, Marie, and Jr. that he has cancer, a fact he already shared with Skyler before, Jr. berates him for acting weird and nonchalant about his cancer. He also becomes upset at his father's decision of not choosing chemotherapy. Over the weekend, Jr. and two friends are waiting outside a convenience store, waiting for somebody to buy them beer. The friends run away when Jr. approaches an off-duty cop. The cop tells him he got his "first and last warning." At an intervention held by Skyler for Sr., Hank, Jr. and Marie argue over what to do. While Skyler and Jr. want him to take the treatment, Marie, and later Hank, feel Sr. should be given the choice to decline the treatment if he wants; Sr. ends the intervention saying he will not do the treatment.

Jr. and Skyler are disturbed when Sr. cheerily makes breakfast despite his condition. Hoping to reconnect with his son, Sr. offers to give Jr. a driving lesson while Skyler is out. Jr. shows his skill at driving, but Sr. notices that he is using both feet to work the pedals. When Sr. tries to get him to only use the right foot, Jr. gets upset and accidentally hits a safety cone. Around this time, Jr. adopts a new alias: "Flynn". Jr. later creates a website so that people can donate to his father's cancer surgery, unaware that Sr. lives a double life as meth kingpin Heisenberg and has enough money which he does not want to reveal to his family. Sr.'s lawyer Saul Goodman arranges for a wave of fictional "donations" drawn from Sr.'s drug money, in order to launder it and also make Jr.'s efforts appear successful. Jr.'s website gains media attention due to its apparent success; Sr. is uncomfortable in the spotlight.
Skyler and Sr. separate. Jr., given no explanation by either parent, assumes that Skyler has inexplicably thrown his terminally ill father out of the house, and he takes his father's side. He later experiences severe difficulty understanding why his mother (who already knows about Sr.'s double life) refuses to let Sr. back in, eventually snapping at her over dinner. Jr. goes to visit his father, who also does not tell him the truth, eventually calling Skyler about his whereabouts. Sr. takes his son home, where he tries to appease Skyler with pizza, to no avail. After Sr. moves back into the house and tells Skyler he has no intention of leaving, Jr. is thrilled that his father is back, while Skyler's attempt to have Sr. thrown out fails.
When Jr. tells his father that Skyler already set the date for Sr. to move back in, he is unnerved. Sr. tells his son he is not moving back home and buys a flashy new Dodge Challenger car for him, but when Skyler comes back she demands Sr. return it, lest he blow his cover. Rather than return Jr.'s car, Sr. takes it on a joyride, crashes it, and blows it up. On Jr.'s birthday, Sr. never arrives to help Skyler present his birthday gift, a Chrysler PT Cruiser which he is less than excited about. Concerned about his father, Jr. pays him a visit, only to find him bloodied and on painkillers and alcohol. Concealing his fight with Jesse Pinkman, Sr. blames it on gambling; he tearfully apologizes but later accidentally calls Jr. as "Jesse" before drifting off to sleep. The next morning, Sr. finds Jr. on his couch and apologizes for his drugged state, saying he does not want to be remembered that way after he is gone. However, Jr. seems to be more satisfied with his father's apparent truthfulness than his double life for the past year. Gustavo Fring, for whom Sr. works, takes him to the desert and fires him, informing him that Hank will be killed and that Sr.'s entire family, including Jr., will be murdered if he interferes. Skyler, Jr. and his sister Holly go under DEA protection at Hank and Marie's home. Jr. later watches a news report about Gus' death, unaware that his father caused it.

After Skyler, Jr. and Holly return home, Jr. explains that Fring's illicit activities are the subject of a media frenzy and that the DEA believes the danger against Hank and Marie Schrader has abated. Sr. and Jr. retrieve Sr.'s Pontiac Aztek from an auto repair shop. Sr. impulsively sells the Aztek to the mechanic for $50, leases a new Chrysler 300 for himself, and later leases a new Dodge Challenger for Jr. Jr. remains oblivious to his father's criminal activities until Marie (who already knows, along with Hank, and is confident that Sr. is in Hank's custody) forces Skyler to reveal the whole truth to her son. Upon learning of his father's connection with Hank's death, Jr. mistakenly concludes that he killed Hank. Feeling betrayed, Jr. calls 9-1-1 when Sr. fends off Skyler's knife attack, forcing Sr. to leave and eventually end up on the most wanted list. Months later, Sr. learns that Skyler and Jr. have left their house for a small apartment. He telephones Jr. and says that he is going to send money to Jr.'s friend Louis, who should give it to Jr., who should give it to Skyler. However, an enraged Jr. refuses, tells his father to hurry up and die, then hangs up. After visiting Skyler for the final time, before leaving Sr. somberly watches from afar as Jr. arrives home from school, accepting the fact that he wants nothing more to do with his father.



Walter Hartwell White Jr. was born on July 8, 1993, to Walter White and Skyler White. At some point during his childhood he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and thus received impaired motor control, for which he relied on the use of crutches. He was close to his uncle, Hank Schrader, at times appearing to have a closer relationship with Hank than the one he had with his father.

Breaking Bad[]

Season 1[]

1x02 - Breakfast

Walt Jr. eating breakfast with his family ("Cat's in the Bag...").

On the morning of his father’s 50th birthday, Walt Jr. complains that the bacon smells like band-aids. His parents joke with him, his father drives him to his school. When his father arrives home from work they surprise him with a surprise 50th birthday party. ("Pilot") Skyler and Walt Jr. are painting his baby sister’s bedroom.

When Skyler implied to Marie that Walt Sr. was smoking marijuana, Marie mistakenly thought she was referring to Walt Jr., and arranged for Hank to bring him to the Crossroads Motel (nicknamed "The Crystal Palace" as a result of the many junkies, addicts, and prostitutes) to show him the less glamorous side of drugs ("...and the Bag's in the River").

When Hank and Marie came to the White Residence for a BBQ Walt reveals to the family that he has lung cancer. Walt Jr. sits alone in his room, while the adults talk. Walt Jr. became very disappointed in Walt's decision of not going through chemotherapy ("Cancer Man"). He calls Hank for help when he was caught buying alcohol with his friends.

When the family gather in the living room with a talking pillow Walt Jr. calls his father a pussy for refusing chemotherapy while he has dealt with cerebral palsy his whole life. ("Gray Matter"). Walt Jr. was present during Hugo Archilleya’s arrest by Hank.

Later that evening while the family is playing poker in the Whites living room, Walt Jr asked Hank why he arrested Hugo, as he was a cool guy, Hank explains that he fit the profile for the lab theft and had marijuana in his vehicle. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")

Walt Jr. is filming the party at his mother’s baby shower. ("A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal")

Season 2[]

One day when he gets home from school he sees avocado imprints on the refrigerator from his mother’s face, while his parents are talking. Walt Jr. is at his friend Louis’s house the night his father disappears. ("Seven Thirty-Seven") After his father’s disappearance Walt Jr. makes missing posters, and Marie and Skyler post them around Albuquerque. ("Grilled")

Walt Jr. and his mother join his father at the hospital after his faked fugue state. When Walt Sr. sneaks into his home to find his illegal cash, he glimpses at his wife and son sharing a close moment with a bowl of cereal before returning to the hospital. Walt Jr. and his father prepare to leave the hospital as Hank shows up and shows Tuco Salamanca’s Grill. ("Bit by a Dead Bee")

Hurt by Walt Sr.'s sudden disappearance and embarrassed by his "fugue state", he chooses to show a small sign of rebellion by changing his name to Flynn. His father learns this when his friend Louis Corbett comes to the door and to take him to school and says "Flynn and me gotta go". One day his father takes him for a driving lesson but it doesn’t go too well as they crash a cone. Walt Sr. tells him not to use both feet on the pedals which is a technique related to his disability. ("Down")

His attitude eventually changes as his father agrees to treatment, even creating a website asking for donations, much to Walt Sr.'s barely contained disgust. At a party Walt Jr. sits at the poolside with his father and Uncle Hank. Walt Sr. and Hank are drinking tequila and Walt Sr. pours Walt Jr. a shot and he chokes it down, and his dad pours another. Hank is unsure of this idea of giving Walt Jr. anymore booze since he’s only fifteen. When Walt Sr. pours a third shot Hank suggests passing on it. Walt Sr. gets mad when Hank takes the bottle away. Walt Jr. collapses next to the pool and vomits in it. Skyler rushes over. A few days later Walt Sr. apologizes for his behavior at the party. ("Over")

As part of a plan to launder Walt Sr.'s drug profits, Saul Goodman arranges for a wave of "donations" drawn from Walt Sr.'s drug money. ("Phoenix") When word of all the donations he has received gets out, he is interviewed by the local news, where he says that his dad is his hero. ("ABQ")

Season 3[]

When Skyler and Walt Sr separate due to Walt Sr.'s deceptions, Walt Jr. ultimately takes his father's side, and stops answering to the name Flynn. When his father drives him home from school he says "Come in, it’s your house". He blames his mother, for the divorce. ("No Más")

One afternoon at home he angrily accuses his mother of preventing him from seeing his father, who he claimed was in a depressed state in school that day. Walt Jr. comes to his father’s apartment. Although he’s happy to see him, Walt Sr. calls Skyler and arranges to drive him home ("Caballo Sin Nombre").

Walt Jr. is thrilled when he sees his father in the house upon returning home from school, and angry at his mother for calling the cops on him. He tells the cops that his father never did anything wrong. ("I.F.T.") One morning during an awkward breakfast with his parents he reports that donations to the SaveWalt SrWhite website ceased. Since his father left his teaching job he can watch Holly so his mother wouldn’t need to bring her to work. ("Green Light") While Walt Sr. is sitting in Holly’s bedroom closet talking on the phone with Jesse, Walt Jr. is waiting for him. ("Más") Walt Sr. drives a sullen about the impending divorce Walt Jr. to school. ("Sunset")

While Hank is hospitalized after being shot, the family spends a few nights in the waiting room. Walt Jr. shows his dad a book that Hank had given him about an infamous drug lord named Pablo Escobar. ("I See You") One evening at dinner Walt Jr. announces that he’ll soon be driving on his own, and suggests that his parents think about what car to buy him. ("Abiquiú") Walt Jr. practices driving his Dad’s car for his upcoming test with his Walt Sr. in the passenger seat. When they get home Skyler, pleads Walt Sr. about buying the car wash. His parents negotiate four nights of family dinners a week. ("Half Measures")

Season 4[]

4x10 - Salud 8

Walt Jr. comforts his father after he was attacked by Jesse ("Salud")

When Hank invites the Whites for dinner he shows Walt Sr. and Walt Jr. Gale Boetticher’s singing DVD, which Hank and Walt Jr. laugh uncontrollably at but Walt Sr. stares at in shock. ("Bullet Points") One day when Walt Jr. gets home from school he sees his parents just had sex and Skyler worries about his reaction, so she suggests Walt Sr. should move back in. As Walt Sr. moves back home to be with his family, he retracts his feelings and is seen relatively happy with how things are. When having dinner at Hank and Marie’s house Walt Jr. asks about the Gale Boetticher case and Hank said he stopped working on it. ("Shotgun")

While Walt Jr. and his Dad are eating breakfast they talk and he assumes his Mom is angry with his dad’s gambling addiction. Walt Sr. says she has a right to be mad. He tries to excuse his dad’s actions as equal to an illness but his father counters it all (angrily) down as choice. On the way to school Walt Sr. decides to take a detour and buy a car for his son. The argument left things tense between the two, at first Junior accuses his father of trying to buy him off but lightens up when he buys him his dream car. When his mother arrives home she is unimpressed when she sees his new car. He tries to convince her that its safe and promises he’ll drive safely. Walt Sr. tries to apologize but Skyler rebukes him saying that buying that car was a stupid idea. Walt Sr. worries that Walt Jr. only blames his mother for taking the car away. ("Cornered") Walt Jr. drives Hank to Los Pollos Hermanos, where Hank and Gus chat briefly as Gus recognizes Hank from charity work with the DEA. Gus offers Walt Jr. a job if he ever wants one. ("Problem Dog")

On the morning of his 16th birthday his mother surprises him with a new 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser. Although he’s not excited about it he politely thanks her. When Walt Sr. fails to show up for his son's birthday after being beaten up by Jesse, Walt Jr. goes to his father's apartment and finds him bruised and crying. He stays overnight to take care of his father, who mistakenly calls him "Jesse." The next morning, Walt Sr. apologizes to his son, and recounting his only memory of his own father, says that he does not want Walt Jr. to remember him the way he acted the night before. Walt Jr. says that he would rather remember him emotional and disoriented than the way he has been acting over the past year, because at least it was "real" ("Salud"). While hiding at Hank and Marie’s house Walt Jr. complains that his mother couldn’t convince his father to come, and that he’s too stubborn to realize what’s more important in his life than the car wash. ("End Times")

Season 5[]

5x08 - Gliding Over All 14

Walt Jr. plays with Holly

Walt Jr. talks to Walt Sr. about what happened to Gus, and Walt Sr. acts like he's clueless about it. Later on, Walt Jr. is seen getting a new car along with Walt Sr. for Walt Sr.'s fifty-first birthday. Skyler stages a suicide attempt by walking into the pool later that night. Skyler then sends Walt Jr. and Holly to the Schrader household ("Fifty-One"). While living at Hank and Marie’s house Walt Jr. is grumpy and anti social. When he briefly returns home he shuts himself in his bedroom. His mom stands outside his room as he refuses to come out. His dad tell him they’re not kicking him out of anywhere because they love him. Walt Jr. tries to figure out what is going on at first, but Walt Sr. settles it - sorta. ("Dead Freight") Over the time he is with his aunt and uncle, he stays in his room and only comes out for food, to go to school, and some other stuff. Towards the end of the season, Walt Jr. and Holly go back home after Walt Sr. says he's out of the meth business. He is also shown to love his baby sister very much, he is seen rolling Holly around the pool outside while Skyler asks him to put some more sunscreen on her ("Gliding Over All").

The day after Walt Sr. discovers Hank knows about Heisenberg, Walt Jr. tells his dad he is going to help Marie with her computer, but changes his mind after Walt Sr. informs him that his cancer has returned ("Confessions"). He is then forced to stay in a hotel after the family's house floor was soaked in gasoline ("Rabid Dog").


A starstruck Walt Jr. meets Saul Goodman ("To'hajiilee").

Upon their return back home, Skyler decides to teach Walt Jr. how to interact with customers at the carwash. While there, he meets Saul Goodman, whom he knows only as a famous celebrity from a billboard, but is starstruck nonetheless. ("To'hajiilee").

However, his happiness is short-lived, as Skyler is later forced by her sister to confess everything to Walt Jr. about his parent's criminal activities. Horrified, he refuses to believe what has been revealed and tries to call his father, but to no avail. Later on as he and his mother drive home, Skyler, now calling him "Flynn" again, tells him to put on his seatbelt. This causes him to denounce Skyler for actively laundering the drug money, saying that she was just as bad as Walt Sr..


Walt Jr. protecting his mother after discovering his father really is a murderous drug manufacturer ("Ozymandias").

Upon arriving home, Walt Jr. finds his supposedly arrested father frantically packing his newly acquired pickup truck with bags and tells his family to leave with him and flee. Walt Jr. demands Walt Sr. reveal the truth once again, but Walt Sr. doesn't. Skyler, noticing Walt Sr. weaseling out from explaining again, wants to know where Hank is. Walt Sr. eventually reveals Hank is dead, which leaves Walt Jr. distressed. Skyler, now armed with a knife, holds Walt Jr. back and tries to get Walt Sr. out of the house, which results in the couple wrestling over the knife. Walt Jr. eventually steps in by pushing Walt Sr. off Skyler and then, protecting his mother, calls the police on Walt Sr., who he now sees as a completely different person. This leads to Walt Sr. running out of the house, kidnapping the infant Holly White and fleeing. ("Ozymandias")

After fleeing to New Hampshire, Walt Sr. tries to call Walt Jr., who has now reverted back to using "Flynn", and informs him about the possibility of sending money to help the family via Louis. However, still angry at his father for what he has done, Walt Jr. yells at his father, repeatedly saying, "You killed Uncle Hank!" and refuses to accept the money. He furiously tells Walt Sr. to go and die and hangs up ("Granite State")

5x16 - walt jr.

"Flynn" returning home from school ("Felina")

He is last seen walking back home from school to Skyler's new apartment. Walt Sr., having returned to Albuquerque to confront Jack Welker and his gang one last time, sees him from afar, but does not interact with him and leaves him alone, thinking it would be better to not bother him at all, especially since Flynn made it clear on the aforementioned phone call that he is just finished with Walt. ("Felina")

After Breaking Bad[]

In an interview, show creator Vince Gilligan confirmed that Walter Jr. eventually received his father's drug money through Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz, which he had arranged beforehand. While assuring fans that he would end up being just fine, Gilligan also revealed that, despite the boy's hatred for his father, Walter Sr.'s death nonetheless left a hole in his heart.

In an interview with RJ Mitte, the actor for Walter Jr; he believes that Walter Jr. would have pursued a career with the DEA in order to capture his father or men like him, essentially taking on Hank's role in the story and hoping to uncover the truth of what actually happened.

Personality and traits[]

Season 2 - Walt Jr 2
"Walter Jr. is the good son who, unfortunately, Walt seems to love less than his prodigal Jesse."
Vince Gilligan

As the adolescent son of Walt Sr and Skyler White, Walt Sr. Walt Jr. doesn’t seem to be completely sure of who he is, and is beginning to experiment with his identity, going by both "Walt Jr." and "Flynn" over the course of the series. Despite his disability and use of crutches to get about, Jr does not let it define him, still having an average teenage life with several close friendships at J. P. Wynne High School (including his best friend Louis Corbett). He likes to be manly, and longs for the approval of both Walt Sr. and his uncle Hank, with whom Jr had an extremely close friendship with.

When he discovers that Walt Sr. has lung cancer, Walt Jr. changes his attitude and sets up a website, "," which requests and collects donations in an effort to help pay for Walt Sr.'s cancer treatment. Walt Sr.'s lawyer, Saul Goodman, arranges for a wave of fictional "donations" drawn from Walt Sr's drug money, in order to launder it and also make Walt Jr.'s efforts appear successful. Angered by his parents' constant fighting, Walt Jr. tries to establish an independent identity, insisting on being called Flynn and asking Louis to teach him how to drive. When Skyler and Walt Sr. separate, Walt Jr., given no explanation by either parent, only sees that his mother has (from his point of view) inexplicably thrown his father out of the house, and he takes his father's side and stops answering to the name Flynn.

Always being "late to the game", Walt Jr. remained oblivious to his father's drug trade life until Marie, confident that Walt Sr. is in Hank's custody, forces Skyler to reveal the whole truth to her son. Upon learning of his father's connection with Hank's death, Walt Jr. mistakenly concludes that Walt Sr. killed Hank. Feeling betrayed, Walt Jr. calls 911 when Walt Sr. fends off Skyler's knife attack, thus forcing Walt Sr. to leave and eventually end up on the most wanted list. In "Granite State," Walt Sr. attempts to talk to him over the phone and have him retrieve $100,000 that Walt Sr. planned to send to Louis' address; however, Walt Jr. angrily refuses and hangs up. Shortly before his death, Walt Sr. visits Skyler for the final time, and watches from afar as Walt Jr. returns to the safe house from school.


Walt: "You know, even these small-busted girls have cleavage. Apparently there's some new type of brassiere, or something."
Walter Jr.: "The Wonderbra. It's the Wonderbra."
―Awkward discussion between Walt and Walter Jr.[src]

"You’re being a pussy! All this stuff I’ve been through, and you’re scared of a little chemotherapy?"
―Walter Jr to Walt[src]

"The bad way to remember you would be the way you’ve been this whole last year. At least last night you were... real."
―Walter Jr. about his father's behaviour[src]

"You’re completely out of your mind. (...) Then both of you are out of your minds. You’re full of shit, is what you are. Both of you. If– if this is true, then how could you keep this a secret? I mean, why? Why would you go along? (...) So you’re saying all of this time you were lying about this? I mean, so you’re saying… you’re a liar. You… you just admitted it. So were you lying then, or are you lying now? Which lie is it? (...) You know what? This– this is bullshit. This is bullshit."
―Walter Jr after learning the truth about his father.[src]

Skyler: "Flynn? Could you put your seat-belt on please? Please. It's not safe."
Walter Jr.: "You're shittin' me, right? If all this is true and you knew about it, then-- then you're as bad as him."
―Walter Jr. to Skyler.[src]

"Will you just–just leave us alone. You asshole! Why are you still alive? Why don’t you just–just die already? Just–just die."
―Walter Jr's final words to his father.[src]


Breaking Bad[]

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  • A recurring joke among fans of the show is that Walt Jr. is obsessed with breakfast. This is because the majority of his scenes are with him eating breakfast with the family, and Walt Jr. always wanting to know what's for breakfast.
  • Walt Jr.'s Flynn alias was derived from actor Errol Flynn.
  • Walt Jr. is the only main character to have never met Jesse Pinkman.
    • He answered the phone when Jesse called the house but Jesse remained silent. ("Phoenix")
  • Skyler White and Walter White Jr. are the only main characters to only appear in Breaking Bad.
    • Walter White Jr. and Todd Alquist are the only main characters who do not make an appearance nor are mentioned in Better Call Saul. While Skyler does not appear in Better Call Saul, she is mentioned in the season six episode, "Breaking Bad". With Todd Alquist's prominent role in El Camino, this leaves Walter White Jr. as the only main Breaking Bad character who neither appears nor is mentioned in Better Call Saul nor El Camino.
  • RJ Mitte said the character is much like his real self since they are roughly the same age, have the same type of attitude, and "mostly like to be treated the same way". Like the character, Mitte too has cerebral palsy, but a milder variation, and does not use crutches. He stated he had to regress from his therapy to portray the character, staying up late into the night to slur his speech and learning to walk on crutches so his walking would not look fake. He drew inspiration from people having cerebral palsy he knew from Shriners Hospital, Shreveport, and named the fictional character Forrest Gump as his "representation".
  • The website that Walt Jr. creates to collect donations for his father's cancer treatment was put up as a real website in 2010, with the donation button linking to the National Cancer Coalition website (an organisation that seemingly no longer exists). From April 2012, the donation button was changed to link to the NCC's donation page, until August 2013 when the donation button was removed. However, it was put back up in September 2013, but the button now links to the AMC website.
  • Gilligan had plans for Walt Jr. to be killed off early in the series, much like Jesse Pinkman. Mitte even said that he himself wanted the character to be "bludgeoned and beaten to death". However, like with Jesse, plans for Jr's death were scrapped, and he ended up surviving throughout the remainder of the series.
  • When conceiving the story for El Camino, Gilligan considered including Walt Jr. in the story, feeling that his inclusion would have been great, but ultimately desisted from the idea due to his feelings that the film should focus only in the most important characters in Jesse's life, which Walt Jr. wasn't.
  • Walt Jr.'s vehicles include: