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Viola Goto is a former paralegal of Kim Wexler.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

Viola assists Kim at Mesa Verde and is asked by Kim to get started on the filings instead of her. Later, Kim validates Viola's fillings and asks her to start looking at the federal charter regs for Mesa Verde. ("Something Beautiful")

After Jimmy enlists Kim's help with Huell Babineaux's case, Kim calls Viola to bring her all the penal codes regarding assaulting a police officer. When Viola does, Kim has Viola shut the door behind Jimmy. ("Something Stupid")

Season 5[]

Viola repeatedly interrupts Kim's meetings to fill her in on Jimmy's latest schemes delaying the demolition of Everett Acker's house. ("Dedicado a Max")

She is also present at the meeting between Kim, Kevin Wachtell, Paige Novick, Rich Schweikart and Saul Goodman. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

Kim later leaves Schweikart & Cokely to focus on pro bono work. As she has no further need for a paralegal, her cooperation with Viola ends there. ("Bad Choice Road") She mentions that she would hire Viola again if she were to open a pro bono practice. ("Something Unforgivable")

Season 6[]

Kim shares coffee with Viola. Viola, who has been handling S&C's end of the Sandpiper case since Kim left the firm, divulges the name of the person running an upcoming mediation session: Rand Casimiro, a retired judge from Santa Fe. Viola further says that she has grown to admire how Kim shifted the focus of her career to helping the "little guy", saying that Kim has made her "feel better about the law." Kim says that she is "just getting started". ("Black and Blue")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • Viola plays a major role in a deleted scene from Season 5. In this scene, Kim receives a large gift basket as a thank-you for her hard work on the expansion of Mesa Verde. The basket also contains a hotel voucher for her and Jimmy which she later gives to Viola. Reluctant at first, Viola accepts the voucher and is beside herself with joy.