Venezia's Pizzeria is a pizza place in Albuquerque known for selling their pizza unsliced.


Better Call Saul

Season 4

Mr. Neff orders a pizza and specifies that he wants it sliced. Once delivered, we can see on the box that the pizza comes from Venezia's Pizzeria. ("Something Beautiful")

Breaking Bad

Season 3

The pizza that Walter throws on the roof of his house is from Venezia's Pizzearia. ("Caballo Sin Nombre")

Season 4

Jesse asks Badger to buy a breakfast for everyone at his party. Badger returns with a stack of pizzas Venezia's Pizzearia. ("Thirty-Eight Snub")

Season 5

While discussing the logistics of how to kill ten prisoners in under two minutes for Walter White, Jack Welker and his crew eat Venezia's pizza while smoking cigarettes ("Gliding Over All").


Venezia's Pizzaria irl
  • The pizzeria itself has never been shown, either in Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul.
  • Venezia is Italian for Venice, a city within Italy.
  • Venezia Pizzeria was a real restaurant in Albuquerque, but in 2013 it was renamed Gino's New York Style Pizza. However there is also a Venezia's Pizzeria in Phoenix, Arizona.

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