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Vamonos Pest is a fumigation company based out of Albuquerque, NM. It was owned by Ira until he sold it to Mike Ehrmantraut, Walter White, and Jesse Pinkman to be used as a front for their methamphetamine manufacturing organization.


Hazard Pay (08)

The Vamonos employees

Founded in 2004, Vamonos Pest tents around four houses every week in the Albuquerque area. While the organization is legitimate, the four-man crew of exterminators bolster their income by burglarizing the houses they fumigate or by selling info on the house's valuables, alarm system, and duplicated keys to other criminals. Saul Goodman was lawyer to many of Vamonos' crooks. ("Hazard Pay")

Ownership of Walt and Jesse[]

In 2009, Vamonos was sold by Ira to Mike Ehrmantraut, Walter White, and Jesse Pinkman to be used as a front for their newly founded methamphetamine organization. The Vamonos crew was strictly instructed to not speak to Walt nor Jesse and were forbidden from stealing from any of the houses that Walt and Jesse were working in. ("Hazard Pay")

Mike died and Jesse left voluntarily, leaving Walt as the sole owner. ("Say My Name")

Use as a mobile lab[]

Hazard Pay (02)

The mobile lab

Badger and Skinny Pete got rolling roadie cases to transport lab equipment for Walt and Jesse. Around once a week, Walt and Jesse would identify a house that would serve as a temporary cook location. The Vamonos employees would tent the house as usual but roll in the mobile lab equipment inconspicuously for Jesse and Walt. The lab would be erected in an air-tight tent inside the house so as not to taint the house with odors. Once the cook was complete and lab packed up, the regular bug bombing would commence. ("Hazard Pay")

Later history[]

Vamonos logo

Vamonos Pest logo worn on the uniforms of employees.

After Walt left the meth business and the meth production eventually fell to Declan and his crew, it is presumed that Vamonos Pest discontinued the practice of making meth inside the tented houses. However, Vamonos's employee Todd continued to be involved in the meth business, and (in a coup engineered by Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, who was unable to continue with the lower quality meth being produced after Walt's departure) Todd and his uncle Jack Welker's Gang murdered Declan and his men, presumably to start up their own operation with Todd as the cook ("Buried").

It is unlikely that Vamanos Pest was used as a front afterwards, as Todd was seen to cook with Declan's old equipment in a lab housed deep inside the White Supremacist compound.



At least 2 vehicles are owned by Vamonos Pest and used in the course of their jobs:


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