Anyone notice that most of the people who do most of the killing are bald. Todd, Tomas, and most of the Mexican Cartlel may be exceptions, however the theory holds true for many. [Walt] (bald), [Jesse] (shaved head), [Hank] (bald), [Gus] (shaved head), [Mike] (bald), [Cousins] (bald) [Victor] (shaved head), [Hector Salamanca] (pretty close to bald), [Tuco] (shaved head), [Tyrus] (shaved head), [Bolsa] (pretty close to bald), [Mara] (shaved head), [Huell] is also bald although I do not know if he has killed anyone yet. These killings do not have to be drug or gang related, it just seems that there is strong theme developing that bald people do the killing. So look out for a bald person when the ultimate finale comes for whoever it comes for