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The Unfinished Building is where Mike Ehrmantraut and Nacho Varga often meet to discuss business.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 2[]

One night Mike drives here to meet Nacho, who’s his new employer. Nacho tells Mike that there’s a guy who he needs to go away. ("Amarillo") Another night Mike and Nacho meet here so Mike can collect his payment. Nacho gives Mike $25,000. He tells him that Tuco Salamanca is facing 5-10 years in jail. Nacho asks Mike why he didn’t kill Tuco and says if he did he would’ve earned $50,000. ("Gloves Off") Nacho calls Mike saying they have to meet. When they arrive Nacho mentions how Hector’s Mule got attacked by a hijacker who took $250,000. He suspects Mike is behind the hit and claims that he only knows one individual who would rip off drug money without killing: Mike. Nacho is not convinced that Mike could possibly figure out the truck and location of the money by himself but he assures him that the driver had nothing to do with the hit and wouldn’t recognize him because he had on a ski mask and kept his mouth quiet. Just as Nachos about to leave Mike asks him why the robbery wasn’t in the news paper. Nacho realizes that Mike wanted the cops to investigate the truck, hoping to link it to Hector. Nacho is furious he almost draws a gun on Mike, but he tells him he’s done dealing with Hector. ("Nailed")


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