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The underground cook site is in an abandoned bus buried underground at a junkyard in a desert in Arizona. It is used as a meth lab by Declan's Crew.


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Season 5[]

Lydia is driven here blindfolded, and she and Declan discuss the falling standards of their business since Walter quit. She climbs down the latter to the lab underground. When she inspects the facility, she finds the lab very dirty and demands that they improve the quality of their meth because one of her buyers in the Czech Republic expects a better product. She suggests they hire Todd back but Declan refuses. Lydia orders Jack Welker and his gang to put an ambush on Declan and his crew. Lydia looks at her watch and presses the button. Declan and his cook are called to the surface. Lydia then looks at her phone and hides in a corner on the bus when the gunfire starts. Todd calls her to come out and helps her up the ladder. He suggests that she keep her eyes closed as he helps her up walks her passed the corpses of Declan’s gang. Jack finishes a wounded Declan, who tries to crawl away but is shot in the head before he can. ("Buried") Jack and his gang then took the lab equipment and the Methylamine and set up their own lab in New Mexico.


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