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Udo is a construction worker from Vienna, Austria and a part of Werner Ziegler's team for the construction of the superlab.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

Udo and the rest of the team arrive at the warehouse which has been converted into a living space for the duration of the construction of the superlab. As the team disperse to visit the venue, Udo goes to the improvised movie theater and tests the comfort of one of the armchairs. ("Piñata")

9 months later, Udo and his construction team continued their shift on developing the superlab. There, he is briefly seen blowtorching metal rods. Udo is later seen playing cards alone after an intermission. ("Something Stupid")

Udo and his team attended a strip club for the night. ("Coushatta")

Udo and his team celebrates after Kai demolishes a large rock that is obstructing the excavation. They invited Mike Ehrmantraut to drink beer with them. ("Wiedersehen")

Season 5[]

After only half the work was finished on Gustavo Fring's superlab lab, the production was put to a halt courtesy of Ziegler's absence. He and the rest of the construction were paid in full and were all lied to about Ziegler being sent home. However, they knew the truth.

Udo and Renke were instructed to drive to Denver where they would take a flight to Zürich. ("Magic Man")


Better Call Saul[]

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