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U-Store-It is a self-storage facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of its units was rented by Skyler White to store the ~$80 million fortune earned by her husband, Walter, from manufacturing and selling methamphetamine.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 5[]

Unable to launder the copious amounts of money Walter brings home from his drug trade, Skyler resorts to renting a storage unit at U-Store-It to hide the proceeds.

Upset at having to relocate her children to her sister's house to protect them from Walt's criminal activities, Skyler decides she has had enough. She drives Walt to the storage unit where she reveals a colossal pile of money hidden beneath a tarp, much to Walt's surprise. Skyler, explaining that the heap of cash is already too much to spend, begs Walt to leave his criminal career behind, pleading that her life returns to normal and that her children come home. ("Gliding Over All")

Following his discovery by his brother-in-law, Hank, Walt has Kuby and Huell travel to the storage unit to hide his stash. Amazed by the colossal pile of money, Huell lays on top of the heap and fights the temptation, suggesting "Mexico". Kuby, now lying beside Huell, reminds him that Walt is dangerous, having successfully arranged the assassination of ten men in jail within a mere two-minute window. The pair load Walt's drug proceeds into seven barrels and store them in the back of a van before returning to Saul Goodman's office.


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