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Gotta make it look real.
― Tyrus to Nacho after the finishing touch is added to a staged ambush.[src]

Tyrus Kitt is a member of the Los Pollos Hermanos security staff and a prominent enforcer of Gustavo Fring, alongside Victor and Mike Ehrmantraut.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 3[]

Tyrus is first seen riding with Gus to the Desert pulling behind Mike who holds up a note that he found on his windshield. ("Sunk Costs")

Tyrus and Victor are seen working at a Los Pollos Hermanos Factory Farm when a truck pulls in and delivers restaurant supplies, which they retrieve pouches of drugs. Arturo and Nacho are there collecting some pouches. When Nacho collects 6 instead of 5 Victor draws a gun on him. When explains that Hector expect 6 Tyrus calls Gus for approval. ("Off Brand")

Season 4[]

Tyrus and Gus have a talk in Gus’s office. Tyrus tells Gus about Hector’s current treatment and prognosis and hands him an envelope containing Hector’s medical chart. Gus tells Tyrus not to return to the Hospital but instead arrange a meeting with Victor. Tyrus and Victor are seen laying out packages on a table at Los Pollos Hermanos farm. Arturo insisted on six packages but they only laid out five. ("Breathe")

After Arturo’s death Tyrus is riding down a desert road in the catolac with Nacho, who is following Victor who is driving Arturo’s car. Nacho watches the two men remove Arturo’s corpse from the trunk of his car and place it on the driver seat then shoot pistoles at the vehicle. And after that Victor puts a pistol in Arturo’s head. Nacho is then forced to get in the car, where Victor shoots him in the shoulder. After Nacho gets out of the car Victor shoots him in the guts, which Tyrus says is needed To make Arturo’s death look like an ambush which Nacho says is a witness. Tyrus leaves Nacho a cell phone to call for help. ("Something Beautiful")

At the Los Pollos Hermanos Factory Farm Tyrus and Victor flanked Gus, who confronts Mike knowing that he is aware of Nacho’s plot against Hector and didn’t act to stop him. ("Talk")

Tyrus enters a a warehouse where Werner’s crew is using mobile homes. He informs Gus about a bad contamination. After Gus leaves Mike fills Tyrus in on the list of necessities. ("Piñata")

While Tyrus is driving a truck outside Lavandería Brillante a group of workmen arms a detonator. They coordinate so that the truck hits the iron sheeting in the street just as the charges are detonated. ("Wiedersehen")

Season 5[]

Tyrus leads a group of men into Nacho’s house, and before he can grab his gun or escape they pin him down and bring him to a car. They go to a restaurant where Nacho’s father is, and where he watches Gus and Victor threaten him. ("50% Off")

Tyrus meets with Gus and Nacho next to an electric substation. Nacho mentions that Krazy-8 is now a DEA informant, and withholds the names of Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez, who are in the hands of Saul Goodman. Tyrus tries to call to shut down the dead drop sites but Nacho and Gus stop him because Lalo may know someone talked if the DEA doesn’t find the money. ("The Guy For This")

Tyrus and Victor pick up Mike and Jimmy at a truck stop after their journey through the desert. On the way back to town they explain to Mike and Jimmy that Gus sent some men to clean up the site of the shootout. ("Bad Choice Road")

Season 6[]

When Mike protests Gus' order to threaten Manuel Varga to bring Nacho in line, Tyrus points a gun in his face. Before Gus can give an order one way or the other, a call from Nacho defuses the situation. ("Carrot and Stick")

Tyrus and Victor are present as Gus' bodyguards for the cartel summit to question Nacho. The encounter doesn't go as planned. ("Rock and Hard Place")

Tyrus, threatened by Mike's growing authority in the Fring Operation, questions his decision to pull men off of his own house, while keeping them on Alameda Street. Mike rebuffs him. ("Axe and Grind")

In the Superlab, Tyrus operates an excavator, burying the bodies of Lalo Salamanca and Howard Hamlin. ("Point and Shoot")

Breaking Bad[]

Season 4[]

Tyrus is first seen arriving at the superlab a few days after Victor's death to assist Mike in picking up the daily shipments of "blue sky" from Gus's meth superlab. His sudden presence quickly establishes his role as Walt and Jesse's new main overseer and Gus's left hand enforcer, under Mike in rank. He effectively assumes Victor's surveillance duties, being shown to constantly watch Walt and Jesse wherever they go. ("Thirty-Eight Snub")

Tyrus is later seen sitting parked in his car, watching Jesse's house ("Open House"). When a squatter makes off with a bag full of Jesse's money, he notifies Mike. The two catch the thief, returning the bag to Jesse who is, surprisingly, indifferent to the money's absence ("Bullet Points").

Tyrus later confronts the three laundry women Walt ushered in to clean the superlab, and proceeds to "put them on a bus back to Honduras" ("Cornered"). He is later seen in his car re-assigned to watching Hank at his house, at which point Walt notices his expanded surveillance of his family and calls the police to pressure Tyrus to leave ("Bug"). Mike later threatens to kill Walt the next time he calls the police on one of his men, implying Gus hired Tyrus based on his connections to Mike. Some time later, Walt catches Tyrus watching Hank's house once more ("Crawl Space").

Gus and Tyrus

Tyrus standing with his boss, Gustavo Fring.

Tyrus takes charge of Gus's operation and continues to oversee Walt working in the superlab while Gus, Mike, and Jesse head to Mexico to meet and deal with the Cartel. Walt tries to set up Tyrus for shorting the shipment by weighing the last crate heavy by a few ounces. Tyrus catches him at this and is visibly hostile at the attempt ("Crawl Space").

After Jesse and Gus return from Mexico with Jesse's loyalties firmly within Gus's grasp, Tyrus effectively becomes Gus's primary enforcer while Mike is still hospitalized from their encounter with the Juárez Cartel in Mexico, and is seen watching Walt and Jesse in the superlab, as well as continuing to watch Hank.

Tyrus later happily attacks Walt with a taser baton outside Jesse's House when Gus orders him to. He then takes Walt, hooded, to meet Gus in the desert, who warns Walt not to interfere with their handling of Hank, whose relentless self investigation of Gus's organization has come too close to exposing him ("Crawl Space"). Jesse stops Gus and consequently Tyrus from killing him due to his previous loyalty to Walt still lingering on. Gus however still evidently has Tyrus prepared to kill him when Jesse falters, assigning Tyrus and several of his men to watch and shadow Walt and his family. Walt immediately panics after his kidnapping into the desert and meets Saul to arrange for his family to disappear. He also pleads with Saul to make a tip-off call to the DEA claiming that the cartel has renewed the hit on Hank as a means of warning his brother-in-law indirectly. Saul does so reluctantly but loyally. However, Tyrus is alerted, and continues to track Walt, Jesse and Walt's family.

4x13 Tyrus's last smirk

Tyrus shortly before being killed. ("Face Off")

Hector Salamanca went to the DEA office to speak with Hank. Tyrus was watching him, and he alerts his employer, who assigns him to scan Salamanca's nursing home. Tyrus proceeds to check Salamanca's room for bugs, traps and other dangers before accompanying Gus back to the home, where Gus personally wishes to kill Salamanca. Tyrus narrowly misses Walt hiding around the corner.

Tyrus secures the perimeter once more before readying a poisonous needle for Gus to inject into Salamanca. However, Walt and Salamanca's trap catches them off-guard as Salamanca furiously begins ringing his bell. Gus realizes what Tio is doing, but only has time to shout; the bomb detonates before either of the two can effectively react, and both are killed along with Hector. ("Face Off")

Season 5[]

As Hank Schrader is going through old evidence documents, he briefly comes across a picture of Tyrus. ("Blood Money")

Personality and traits[]

Tyrus displays minimal expression of emotion or thoughts. He is as enigmatic as his employer and his co-workers, but is shown as extremely effective, unforgiving and aggressive in his role as an enforcer and overseer. Although he is somewhat more sociable than Victor, he rarely speaks to Walt or Jesse Pinkman except for the occasional reminder to continue work or stay in line, and is otherwise mostly quiet and hostile towards them.

He seems to have a cruel and petty sense of humor, confirming that Walt didn't have to be transported in soiled linens but it was arranged anyway, and refusing to extend his arm to give a phone to Jesse. He is shown to despise Walt deeply for his reckless actions such as bringing three Honduran women down into the Superlab to complete his tasks and later phoning the police on him to drive Tyrus away from monitoring his brother in law Hank Schrader. He is even shown to enjoy seeing Walt in misery as seen by his sadistic smirk after Walt realizes that Jesse has been cooking in the lab without him (implying he is about to be replaced or even killed) and later tasering him twice before kidnapping him.


Better Call Saul[]

Tyrus: "They found the truck, but no sign of Varga. Salamancas have all eyes looking for him, including the federales. Still not picking up his cell, so nobody got a lock on it. Now as for Lalo, still missing. As far as everybody in the cartel is concerned, top to bottom, Lalo is dead."
Mike: "May I offer a thought? If Salamanca was coming straight for you, he'd be here already. We've got guys watching anywhere he might turn up this side of Mexico. Wire taps on any phone he might call. There is not a whiff of him. Now, my guess is he's smart enough to know it's not in the Salamanca family interest to take you out without a reason the bosses can get behind. So, the odds are he's searching for Varga. Finds him alive, gets him to talk. Varga's alone in foreign territory, no one he can trust. The kid's smart, but he's not gonna last. He's gonna get caught."
Gus: "Continue."
Mike: "The best way to handle this: I take four of our best guys, cross the border and track Varga down. Let me find him, bring him back before the Salamancas sweep him up. It's our only play."
Gus: "Varga's father. Bring him here."
Mike: "No. You're not doing that. [locks the door after Tyrus gets his gun out] You don't understand. That's not happening."
Tyrus: "[walks up to Mike and aims gun at him] Just say the word."
Mike: "Whatever happens next... it's not gonna go down the way you think it is. [beat; hears cell phone vibrating] It's him."
Tyrus: "Bullshit. I've been calling Varga for hours. He hasn't picked up once."
Mike: "He's been trying to get me since he left the Salamancas. [opens phone] You want me to answer it? [Tyrus turns to Gus, who nods. Mike answers the phone and speaks to Nacho] Yeah. (...) Yeah. ...Not my call. (...) That's up to you. [to Gus] He wants to talk to you."
―Gus, Mike, and Tyrus discussing the Nacho situation[src]

Breaking Bad[]

Walter: "This was my idea. Don't punish them. You tell Gus to blame me, not them."
Tyrus: "He does."
―Tyrus talking to Walter White.[src]

"You've been out of commission four days. Think we're gonna shut down the whole operation just for you?"
―Tyrus to Walt after he realizes someone has been cooking in the lab without him.[src]


Breaking Bad[]

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Better Call Saul[]

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  • It is likely that Tyrus is ex-military. Tyrus is seen in the lab wearing jungle boots and a leather jacket patterned after the M-65 field jacket. ("Shotgun") Tyrus is mentioned in Mike's briefing of Gus just before the arrival of Gaff. Mike states that Tyrus is "in the treeline with a Barrett .50" and was put in position the night before to watch for cartel scouts. This speaks to Tyrus' trusted status within the organization and supports the theory of previous military training. ("Problem Dog") Tyrus is the one to notice Hector's visit to the DEA. He observes him through a military rangefinder, furthering the ex-military supposition. ("Face Off")
    • Tyrus is regularly seen operating heavy vehicles, equipment and machinery, including an excavator ("Point and Shoot"), a semi-trailer truck ("Wiedersehen"), and he is summoned to the meth super-lab to help Walt with the forklift, which he operated skilfully, whereas Walt struggled with the controls and became easily frustrated. This further supports the theory of Tyrus being ex-military, as he could have received military training as a driver.
  • Tyrus is shown to know some Spanish while talking to the cleaning ladies of the industrial laundry. ("Cornered")
  • Tyrus drives a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera.
  • Tyrus and Victor are never seen on-screen together in Breaking Bad, as the former replaced the latter in supervising Walt in the Superlab. However, in Better Call Saul, they are very frequently seen accompanying one another.
    • Similarly, dialogue in Breaking Bad suggests Mike is behind Tyrus being hired by Gus, whereas Better Call Saul establishes he was employed before Mike.