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This article is about the band. For the minisode, see TwaüghtHammër.

TwaüghtHammër was the band of Jesse Pinkman, Badger, and their friends.


TwaüghtHammër released several songs before splitting up, but the most popular is Fallacies.


The name "TwaughtHammer" is first mentioned on Jesse's "MyShout" page, which contains a profile listing general interests such as "Fine herbage," "Keepin' it real," "Bangin' the skins with my smokin band 'TwaughtHammer'", and "MILF's, MILF's, MILF's" ("Cat's in the Bag...").

In the TwaüghtHammër minisode, Jesse stated that he wanted to go on to become rich and famous from being the drummer of TwaüghtHammër, and Badger stated he wanted to be on ATV. They both really seemed passionate about their career choices, but, as it turns out, they were drug users in the band also. Of course, they did not get the careers they wanted.

Band Members[]


  • In their music video for Fallacies, the camera shows the Pink Teddy Bear that was in Season 2.
  • In season 4 episode 5, when Jesse is bored in Mike's car, he starts tapping with his finger and sings a part of "Fallacies".
  • In the outtakes for season 5 part 1, an outtake of the music store scene with Badger and Skinny Pete sees Badger telling the store attendant of his band and that the name "TwaüghtHammër" is a double entendre for a penis. In keeping with the penis theme, the song title, "Fallacies" could be a pun for "Phallus".