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Tuco's Hideout was a derelict cottage in rural New Mexico that was used by Tuco Salamanca to house his uncle, Hector. The property also served as a temporary hideout for Tuco to evade the DEA and flee to Mexico with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 2[]

After his headquarters were raided by the DEA, Tuco kidnaps Jesse Pinkman and Walter White and flees with them to a small, dilapidated shack in the desert. There, Tuco explains that he is planning to wait for the arrival of his cousins, who are going to smuggle the three across the U.S.-Mexico border; Walt and Jesse will then be held captive and forced to cook meth for the Cartel.

In an effort to kill their captor, Walt and Jesse attempt to convince Tuco that their ricin-laced meth is of exceptional quality, prompting him to try some. Just as Tuco begins to snort the drug, Jesse boasts that the special ingredient is chili powder, which dissuades Tuco from taking the meth. Fearing for their lives, the pair anxiously attempt to devise other methods to kill Tuco.

As Tuco prepares food, Walt and Jesse spot a news coverage of Gonzo's death on TV; knowing this would show Tuco that the snitch was not Gonzo and the blame would then fall upon Walt and Jesse, the pair quickly switch the channel. Once the burritos are ready, the pair spot an ample opportunity to kill Tuco, and Walt sneakily laces Tuco's burrito with the ricin. However, Tuco's uncle, Hector, witnesses this and tries to get Tuco's attention. Tuco misinterprets this and gives him the poisoned burrito, only for Hector to push the food onto the floor.

After lunch, Hector continuously rings his bell until Tuco realizes that his uncle is trying to alert him. Tuco questions Hector, eventually finding out that Walt and Jesse were "punking" him. Tuco quickly becomes enraged, forcefully dragging Jesse outside and holds him at gunpoint. He forces Walter to confess to what they did, and Walter admits that they tried to poison him, insulting him and adding that he deserved to die. While prone, Jesse finds a rock in the sand and when Tuco turns his back to face Walter, Jesse gets up and bludgeons him with the stone. Tuco collapses and Walter grabs the rifle. As Tuco and Jesse wrestle, Jesse grabs Tuco's handgun from his waistband and fires into his gut. The pair kick Tuco into a ditch, leaving him to die as they make their escape.

As Walter and Jesse make their way to the front of the shack, they spot a car approaching them from afar; remembering that Tuco's cousins were on their way, the pair hastily take cover. Tuco emerges from the ditch and stumbles to Jesse's car as Hank Schrader pulls in. Hank calls out Jesse's name before realizing that the figure is actually Tuco. Hank immediately pulls out his firearm as Tuco reaches into Jesse's car and grabs his rifle, commencing an intense shootout between the two. The pair engage each other for a short while, firing at one another until Hank eventually spots an opening and kills Tuco with a headshot. As Hank inspects the scene, Walter and Jesse flee into the desert. ("Grilled")


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  • The location was originally intended to appear in the Better Call Saul episode "Klick", in the scene where Mike attempts his assassination on Hector; however, the writers decided against its inclusion due to issues resolving how the geography of the scene would work (i.e. there is no high ground for Mike to take his shot from).