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Tucker is a drug addict who lives with his friend Scary Skell in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For a short time he was pursued by Mike Ehrmantraut for selling Gustavo Fring's product.


Background information[]

Tucker and his friend Scary Skell came into possession of a Los Pollos Hermanos batter bucket which contained a batch of methamphetamine; the bucket was originally stolen by the Cartel from a Los Pollos Hermanos truck. Tucker and Scary Skell then began selling the product from a derelict house in Albuquerque. ("Cornered")

Breaking Bad[]

Season 4[]

Mike Ehrmantraut and Jesse Pinkman park up the street from Tucker's house, intending to survey the property and retrieve the stolen product. Displeased about having to sit still for so long, Jesse exits the car and knocks on the front door of the house. Tucker answers the door but refuses to sell any meth to Jesse. Not being deterred, Jesse takes a shovel from Mike's trunk and begins digging a hole in the front yard. This attracts the attention of Tucker, who comes outside and curiously asks Jesse what he is doing; Jesse admits that the digging has tired him out and asks Tucker to take over for him, which he does. With Tucker distracted, Jesse sneaks into the house to retrieve the stolen meth. ("Cornered")


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