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― Tomás to Jesse Pinkman.[src]

Tomás Cantillo is a young boy working as a drug dealer and enforcer for a pair of ruthless dealers working for Gustavo Fring. He is the younger brother of Andrea Cantillo and the uncle of her son Brock.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 2[]

Tomás' initiation into the gang involved shooting a rival dealer who was selling on their territory. This rival dealer was Combo, Jesse Pinkman's friend and, at the time, employee. ("Mandala")

Season 3[]

He was always seen on a bike on the street going around in circles. He was approached by Jesse who buys the meth he carries in his pocket, however he didn't give it to Jesse until money was received by his supervisors. Having started dating Tomás' sister Andrea, Jesse had learned of the murder Tomás committed as his gang initiation and put it together that Tomás was Combo's killer. ("Abiquiú")

Tomás was later killed after the meeting between Jesse, Gus, and the two drug dealers. The meeting concluded with Gus restricting Tomás' involvement in drug dealing, but it is possible that Gus gave the order to kill Tomás. Incensed by both the murder of Combo and Tomás, Jesse tries to seek revenge upon the drug dealers only to have Walter White kill the drug dealers instead after having seen a news report about Tomás' murder and realizing what Jesse was going to do. ("Half Measures")


Murders committed by Tomás[]

  • Combo: Shot multiple times on orders of two drug dealers due to Combo selling drugs on their territory and to be initiated into the dealer's gang.

Murders connected to Tomás[]

  • The Rival Dealers: Killed by Walter White upon finding out that Tomás was killed. One was plowed by his Aztek and died, the other survived and was badly injured, but got killed by Walter White shooting him in the head seconds after.


Breaking Bad[]

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  • Tomás' body was found in the 4700 block of 8th Avenue.
  • Tomás is the first child to be killed in the series.
  • Tomás is the youngest character on the series to directly murder someone else, making him the only child killer on Breaking Bad.