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This article is about the complete chronology of the universe of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. For the timeline of Better Call Saul episodes, see Better Call Saul Timeline. For the timeline of Breaking Bad episodes, see Breaking Bad Timeline.

Pre-Better Call Saul Timeline

Early 1940s
September 7, 1958
  • Chuck McGill graduates valedictorian from Francis Xavier High School at age 14, the only student in the school's history to do so.("Smoke")
November 12, 1960
circa 1964
February 13, 1968
March 20, 1968
  • Mike Ehrmantraut begins what will eventually be a 30-year career as an officer in the Philadelphia Police Department
  • The Cartel is founded.
Mid 1970s
  • Jimmy enters high school, where he runs an illicit ID forgery ring to help his friends buy alcohol.
Late 1970s
  • Chuck, while helping with an audit of the store records, uncovers Jimmy's thievery. He attempts to expose Jimmy's actions to their father, but Chuck Sr. is unconvinced.
  • Chuck Sr. is forced to close down the corner store due to insufficient profits.
  • Chuck Sr. dies six months after going out of business. At his funeral, Jimmy is moved to open tears. Chuck, however, begins to see Jimmy in a new light.
Early 1980s
  • Kim Wexler's mother is late to pick her up from middle school because of her drinking. Kim ignores her mother's calls to get into the car and walks home on her own ("Wexler v. Goodman").
September 24, 1983
  • Fresh out of law school, Howard Hamlin is convinced by his father to join HHM, eventually becoming a senior partner. ("Fifi",  "Lantern")
  • Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to Herbert A. Hauptman and Jerome Karle for "for their outstanding achievements in developing direct methods for the determination of crystal structures." Walter White worked on the team and helped conducted research on proton radiography.
  • Jimmy has the last contact with Chuck and Ruth he will have for 5 years.
  • Hector kills Max Arciniega in front of Gus and by order of Don Eladio. ("Hermanos")
  • Gustavo Fring is granted an entry visa into the United States and immigrates there.
  • Walt works in a chemical lab near Los Alamos, where he met his future wife Skyler Lambert, who worked as a hostess in a neighboring restaurant. They begin dating and eventually marry.
  • Gustavo Fring establishes the Max Arciniega Chemistry Scholarship, at the University of New Mexico.
  • Jimmy passes the bar. He approaches Chuck and applies for a position with HHM as an attorney. Chuck declines to hire Jimmy, but conceals this from him, making it appear as though the firm unanimously turned Jimmy down.
  • Jimmy quits working for HHM, begins a solo law practice
  • Chuck and Rebecca separate, pending divorce hearings.
  • Tuco is high, and shoots and kills a distribution partner, "Dog" Paulson, with a sawed-off shotgun. A piece of his skull is indented in Nacho's shoulder. ("Off Brand")
  • Chuck and Jimmy's mother passes away. ("Klick")
  • Hector is humiliated by Don Eladio when Gus brings a lot more money. ("Sabrosito")
  • Chuck begins to experience symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder. ("Alpine Shepherd Boy")
  • January: Chuck takes a sabbatical from HHM.
  • August: Matt Ehrmantraut is murdered by his corrupt partner and sergeant during a police raid.
  • Chuck attempts to hide his illness from his ex-wife, Rebecca. ("Chicanery")

Better Call Saul Timeline

Year 2002 2003 2004
Month A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
Season S1 S2 S3 S4 S5

Season 1

2002 May "Uno"
May 13 to 25
(thirteen days)
  • Jimmy McGill struggles financially to survive as a underpaid public defender. He must also help his brother, Chuck, who seems to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
  • Jimmy urges Craig Kettleman, the county treasurer accused of embezzling $1.6 million, to hire him. His wife, Betsy, asks for time to think this over.
  • Jimmy confronts Howard Hamlin, demanding Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill cash out his brother's $17 million share in the firm. Howard refuses, knowing full well that it is not Chuck's will.
  • The Kettlemans decide to hire HHM rather than Jimmy. Frustrated, Jimmy devises an elaborate scheme with con artist twins Lars and Cal to take revenge on Betsy. The plan turns into a fiasco when the twins choose the wrong target and try to extort Tuco Salamanca's grandmother.
May 25 to June 15
(three weeks)
  • Jimmy and the twins are dragged into the desert, gagged and tied up. Jimmy's lies to save his life and that of the twins exhume Tuco's paranoia.
  • Nacho Varga intervenes and gets the truth. Tuco unties Jimmy and frees him, but wants the twins' death because they insulted his grandmother.
  • Jimmy manages to convince Tuco to spare their lives, and talks him down to merely breaking one leg on each of the brothers.
  • After several days defending clients at the courthouse, and finally winning a case, Jimmy receives Nacho's visit to his small office. Nacho offers a part of the profits for cooperation to find the money stolen by the Kettlemans. Jimmy declines.
June 15 to 16
(two days)
  • In a flashback, Jimmy has been arrested for property damage, assault charges and potentially being labeled a sex offender. At first reluctant, Chuck agrees to help him provided Jimmy put an end to his life as a con artist. Jimmy agrees.
  • Worried about Nacho's plan, Jimmy anonymously warns the Kettleman that they are in danger. The Kettleman disappear and Nacho is arrested as the main suspect.
  • Nacho warns Jimmy that if he does not get the charges dropped against him, the police might uncover his connections to Tuco's criminal organization, which would result in Jimmy's death.
  • Jimmy finds the Kettlemans hiding in the forest near their house, in possession of the $1.5 million they stole.
June 16 to 20
(five days)
  • In a flashback, Jimmy, using his future alias "Saul Goodman", works with Marco Pasternak to trick another crook into trading cash for fake Rolex watches.
  • The Kettlemans offer Jimmy a $ 30,000 bribe for his silence, which Jimmy finally accepts as a result of their refusal to hire him as their lawyer. With some of this money, Jimmy buys a billboard advertisement which shares obvious and deliberate similarities with HHM.
  • At Howard's request, a judge ordered Jimmy to take down the billboard within 48 hours. Jimmy organizes a video plea, calling for sympathy to his situation. During the shooting, Jimmy rescues the worker who had to disassemble the billboard, making him a local hero.
  • With this new popularity, Jimmy receives many professional solicitations. Chuck ends up discovering that Jimmy organized the accident for his benefit.
"Alpine Shepherd Boy"
June 20 to 22
(three days)
  • Chuck McGill stole some news papers and refuses to let the cops into his house.
  • Jimmy visits Geraldine Strauss and he assists her with estate planning.
  • Chuck wakes up in the Hospital and panics at the light.
  • Mike receives an unexpected visit from 2 detectives.
June 22
(one day)
  • In a flashback Mike arrives in Albuquerque by train.
  • In the present day Mike sits facing 2 detectives.
  • Jimmy Meets Mike at the station and Mike instructs him to spill on Abbasi.
June 23 to 25
(three days)
  • Jimmy and Mike wait for detectives at the police station in Philadelphia.
  • Jimmy takes Kim on a tour of a high raised office space that he’s looking to lease.
June 26 to 28
(three days)
  • Kim Unpacks her old office. After salvaging the Kettlemans case, she’s back in good graces of HHM
  • Jimmy spends an entire night at Chuck’s house piecing together shredded documents.
June 28 to 30
(three days)
  • Chuck surprises both Jimmy and himself by leaving the house without a space blanket as the 2 brothers sit on a park bench.
  • Chuck and Jimmy go to a meeting at HHM.
  • Kim visits Howard at his office demanding she needs to know why he didn’t wanna hire Jimmy.
June 30 to July 18
(nineteen days)
  • In a flashback to 1992 in Cicero Illinois Chuck helped release Jimmy from jail and Jimmy stops at a bar to say goodbye to his friend Marco before moving to Albuquerque.
  • In the present day Jimmy pays Howard a visit to officially hand over the sandpiper crossing case to HHM.
  • Jimmy travels to Cicero and goes to the bar where he finds Marco dozing.
  • Jimmy finds Marco Unconscious in an alley and Marco then wakes up from heart attack before passing away.

Season 2

2002 July "Switch"
July 18 to 25
(eight days)
  • Kim and Howard introduce Jimmy to his employees from Davis and Main.
July 26 to 27
(two days)
  • Howard shows up at Chucks house with a grocery delivery and tells him that Jimmy has been hired by Davis and Main.
  • Jimmy and Kim attend a meeting with Davis and Main at HHM.
August "Amarillo"
August 15 to 17
(three days)
  • In Amarillo Texas Jimmy steps aboard a bus full of Sandpiper Crossing residents looking for Mrs. Alma May Urbano to see if she received a Davis and Main action mailer.
  • Back in Albuquerque the Sandpiper Crossing meets with Chuck at HHM.
"Gloves Off"
August 18 to 23
(six days)
  • Jimmy looks for Kim and finds her office empty and fears that his actions cost her job.
  • At Chuck's house Jimmy is pounding on the door and Chuck doesn't answer so Jimmy uses the key to get in and finds Chuck on the couch wrapped in his space blanket.
  • Mike meets Lawson at a motel, where he offers Mike a selection of long-range rifles.
  • Nacho and Tuco sit across Krazy 8 at a restaurant and count money, Mike comes and orders food and Tuco angerly confronts Mike and punches him very hard.
August 24 to 27
(four days)
  • Jimmy works late at Davis and Main and leaves Kim an exciting voice mail.
  • Jimmy arrives at Davis and Main and finds Erin already in her office.
  • At HHM Kim spends her lunch break making calls trying to drum up the new business and get back on Howard’s good side.
  • Hector joins Mike at Loyola’s diner
"Bali Ha'i"
August 27 to 30
(four days)
  • Jimmy is having trouble falling asleep so he turns on the TV surfing through channels And finds that Davis and Main used a very plain version of a class action lawsuit ad.
  • Kim returns to her old office at HHM.
  • Mike returns home from his groceries shift and finds Arturo sitting on his front steps.
  • Kaylee Ehrmantraut is swimming in a motel pool and Mike is watching her and he sees the Salamanca twins watching from a nearby roof.
  • Mike is summoned to an ice cream place which is occupied by Hector, the Twins, Nacho and Arturo.
August 30 to September 7
(nine days)
  • In a flashback to 1973 Jimmy is working in his father’s store.
  • Jimmy replaces his legal wear with several suits of ugly garnish colors.
  • Stacey Ehrmantraut gives Mike Ehrmantraut a tour of a house she wants to buy.
September 8 to 13
(six days)
  • Jimmy and Kim celebrate their partnership at the Dog House.
  • Chuck attends a meeting with Howard and Kevin and Howard is horrified when Chuck tells Kevin that Kim is the right choice to handle Mesa Verde.
September 14 to 19
(six days)
  • Chuck, Howard, Kevin Wachtell and Paige Novick are scheduled to appear before the New Mexico State Banking Board.
  • Jimmy and Kim set up an office space by upholstering the floor, painting the walls and Hauling away the Dentist chairs.
September 19 to 21
(three days)
  • Chuck is lying unconscius and bleeding and ends up in the hospital.
  • Mike meets Lawson in the desert and tests-fires a sniper rifle.
  • Chuck lined his living room walls and ceilings with metal sheets.

Season 3

2002 September "Mabel"
September 21 to 22
(two days)
  • Jimmy and Chuck remove the foil covering from Chuck’s living room wall.
  • Chuck invites Howard to his house and plays Jimmy’s confession tape.
  • Mike finds a mysterious message on his car windshield out in the desert.
September 22 to 24
(three days)
  • Mike sees two henchmen give a tracker to a courier and follows it the rest of the night and in the morning it pulls into Los Pollos Hermanos.
  • Jimmy and Kim interview Francesca Liddy.
  • Jimmy breaks into Chuck’s house.
"Sunk Costs"
September 24 to 26
(three days)
  • Mike gets a call from Gus telling him to expect two cars momentarily, two SUVs show up in the opposite directions, Victor comes out of the front one and Gus and Tyrus come out of the back one and Mike shows Gus the note he found on his car.
  • Jimmy sits on the curb outside Chuck’s house waiting to be arrested for breaking in, during his arraignment he’s proved not guilty.
  • Jimmy meets with Bill Oakley at the courthouse and chats about his cases.
September 26 to 30
(five days)
  • In a flashback to 1999 Eladio Vuenteis swimming in his pool at his place in Mexico and is visited by Hector Salamanca and Ximenez Lecerda who present him with rolls of drug money and a mascot from Hector’s ice cream store.
  • Mike poses as the repair man hired to fix Chuck’s door after Jimmy broke in, and took pictures.
  • Mike meets Jimmy at Loyola’s.
2003 February
February 25 to 26
(two days)
  • In a flashback to 2001 Jimmy stops at Chuck’s house and Chuck is trying to reconcile with Rebecca.
  • In the present Chuck and Howard visit the court for Jimmy’s Bar hearing.
  • Jimmy cross-examines Chuck by using Mike’s photos of the interiors of his house to question him about his state of mind when he taped Jimmy’s confession.
"Off Brand"
February 27 to 28
(two days)
  • Chuck is upset about his outcome scheme against Jimmy and refuses to answer the door when Rebecca comes.
  • Jimmy and Kim are celebrating their verdict with W.M. and Rebecca stops by to tell them she spend an hour trying to talk to Chuck.
  • Jimmy is pitching to shoot a commercial for a carpet store business for a cheap budget.
  • Chuck goes into town with his space blanket and tries to call Dr. Cruz but it goes straight to voice mail.
  • Gus looks at a laundromat that is for sale and when he gets in the car with Lydia he says it would do.
March 1 to 3
(three days)
  • Jimmy preforms community service by picking up trash under a highway overpass.
  • Jimmy Shoots a TV commercial for a recliner store but is unable to convince the owners to pay him to shoot more commercials.
  • Danial Wormald comes home and finds Nacho in his living room and asks him to empty capsules to the pills Hector needs for his heart problems.
March 4 to 6
(three days)
  • In a flashback Jimmy and his friend Marco break into the McGill’s abandoned store in Cicero, Illinois.
  • Mike Drives to the site of a truck robbery and gets a shovel and metal detector from his car and uses them to dig to find the corpse of a good samaritan who was killed by Hector Salamanca after the robbery.
  • Chuck meets Dr. Cruz at home Seeking to confront his EHS delusion and live a normal life again.
  • Jimmy is preparing to shoot a commercial in a music store But disagrees with the owners without pricing.
  • Nacho switches Hector's pills for his spiked pills.
March 7 to 18
(twelve days)
  • Jimmy visits Irene Landry at Sandpiper Crossing.
  • Mike meets Lydia at her madrigal office in Houston, Texas to make arrangements to hire Gustavo Fring.
  • Nacho‘s spiked pills didn‘t kill Hector.
  • Kim crashes her car into a ditch and gets badly hurt.
March 18 to 22
(five days)
  • In a flashback to Jimmy’s childhood a teenage Chuck reads to him in a tent In their family’s backyard in Cicero, Illinois.
  • Kim is taken to the hospital following the accident with a broken arm.
  • Chuck suffers a major relapse of EHS that he destroys the meter with a Baseball bat.
  • Hector suffers a stroke.
  • Jimmy and Kim leave their office space at HM.
  • Chuck threw all his electrical appliances in the yard and kicks a shelve knocking a lantern to the ground which sets his house on fire, committing suicide.

Season 4

2003 March "Smoke"
March 23 to 31
(one week)
  • Jimmy and Kim receive a voicemail from Howard saying that Chuck has been killed in a house fire, and rush over to his burned house where Jimmy sees the coroners van carrying away Chuck’s corpse.
  • Jimmy and Kim attend Chuck’s funeral.
April "Breathe"
April 7
(one day)
  • Jimmy goes on an interview at Neff Copiers’s but he turns down the job.
  • Gus suffocates Arturo by putting a plastic bag over his head in front of Nacho.
"Something Beautiful"
April 8 to 9
(two days)
  • Victor and Tyrus Kitt remove Arturo’s corpse from the trunk of his car and place it in the driver seat and shoot up the vehicle with pistols and Victor puts a bullet in Artuo’s head and shoots Nacho in the gut to make it look like an ambush.
  • Kim Wexler returns to work at Mesa Verde
  • The Salamanca twins arrive at the shooting scene and find a wounded Nacho.
  • Gustavo Fring meets Gale Boetticher
April 10 to 12
(three days)
  • In a flashback to the 1970s Mike is pouring cement on his driveway and allows his son Matt write his name in it.
  • Jimmy starts a job at CC Mobile.
  • Nacho and the Salamanca twins get in an ambush with the Espinosa Gang and Nacho is still injured from being shot by Victor joins reluctently.
"Quite a Ride"
April 13 to 14
(two days)
  • In a flashforward to 2010 Jimmy is cleaning out his office of Saul Goodman and Associates.
  • In the present Jimmy is struggling to attract buisiness at CC Mobile.
  • Mike Ehrmantraut escorts Werner Ziegler to Lavanderia Brilliante blindfolded to determine the possibility of building a secret underground meth lab.
April 15
(one day)
  • In a flashback to 1993 Jimmy is Delivering mail at HHM. When he walks into the law library he decides to become a lawyer like Kim and Chuck.
  • In the present Jimmy Visits Howard at HHM to collect the $5,ooo check left to in Chuck’s will.
  • At CC Mobile Jimmy receives a call from Brett Dunst, nephew of Gereldine Strauss telling him that she recently passed away.
  • Mike and Gus enter a warehouse of mobile homes used by Werner’s crew.
"Something Stupid"
April 16, 2003 to January 16, 2004
(9 months)
  • Jimmy and Kim attend a party at S&C.
  • Dr. Bruckner shows Hector cue cards testing his awareness and surroundings, his mobility is limited allowing him to only tap his index finger.
  • Mike collects Werner Ziegler and his Men from Gus's warehouse and transports them to the laundromat where they go to the secret basement in progress, Casper accidently crashes a loader into one of the columns and destroys one of the finished concrete forms.
  • Jimmy sells drop phones from a panel van and is confronted by a plain clothed cop named Platt, who is carrying one of Saul's business cards, which he collected from a drug dealer. Huell shows up at the scene wearing headphones and is unable to hear Jimmy's warning and knocks Platt over with a shopping bag. While Huell sits in the police car Jimmy tries to trade with Platt to release him. and Platt reveals that he arrested Huell for pick-pocketing 3 years earlier.
  • Huell is charged for his assault with Platt and find he is facing 2 and a half years in prison and Jimmy promises he’ll find a way to keep him out of jail.
2004 January
January 17 to February 1
(two weeks)
  • Jimmy travels to Coushatta, Louisiana, Huell’s hometown by bus.
  • Nacho take Hector’s old role of observing cash at El Michoacano.
  • Under the laundromat Mike gives Gus progress on the excavation, informing him on the delays caused by Casper’s accident.
February 8 to 26
(nineteen days)

March 28 to 31
(four days)
  • Kim visits the Department of Building Safety at City Hall in Lubbock, Texas. She tells the clerk Shirley Hartland that she may have presented a submission with out of date conference room dimensions for Mesa Verde's new Lubbock branch having brought along updated blueprints. Kim lies to the clerk about raising an 8 month old baby with help from her brother; who Jimmy comes in posing as and claiming he left the baby in the jeep.
  • Nacho and Lalo visit Hector, who is now living in Casa Tranquila nursing home. Lalo gives Hector a brass bell; from the reception desk of a burned Hotel as a gift and attaches it to his wheelchair so he would use it to communicate.
  • Underneath Lavanderia Brilliante Werner and Kai place explosive charges into a rock obscuring their construction. When ready to detonate Kai notices one of the circuits is faulty. Werner tracks down the fault and fixes it. Tyrus is driving a large truck outside. they coordinate the so the truck hits iron sheeting on the street.
March 22 to April 1 (Jimmy)
(nine days)

March 31 (Mike)
(one day)
  • In a flashback to 1998 Jimmy apears with a group of other soon to be lawyers before a bar committee and Chuck speaks and vouches for his brother. That night they celebrate Jimmy's career at a karaoke bar.
  • In the present Jimmy visits Chuck's grave to mark his one year anniversary, bringing flowers.
  • At Gus's warehouse Mike rounds up his men and orders them to hunt Werner down.
  • Gus and Gale Boetticher visit the excavation under the laundromat. Gale is excited but Gus stresses that Gale won't begin work until the lab is finished.
  • Mike goes to the TravelWire office and lies to Fred Whalen , the clerk that Werner is his brother in law and he's lost and suffering from dementia. Believing Mike's story he he shows him security footage and transaction logs from Werner's visit, revealing that he arranged to have his wife flown from Germany. Lalo watches Mike drive off and follows him.
  • Lalo returns to TravelWire and tries to convince Fred to disclose the details of Mike’s visit. Fred is more suspicious of Lalo. When Fred finished a call Lalo disappeared. Lalo drops through he ceiling and murders Fred.
  • Mike takes Werner to a remote location and phones Gus, mentioning the phone call Werner made to Lalo. Mike tries to convince Gus to spare Werner's life but he is determined. Mike murders Werner with a bullet to the back of his head.

Season 5

2004 April "Magic Man"
April 1 to 8
(one week)
  • Jimmy signs the DBA allowing him to practice under his new name. He explains to Kim that rather than practice law he plans to take criminals who know him from his illicit drop phone business and use them as his new client base. Kim reluctantly agrees. Jimmy sighs his last paperwork as Saul Goodman.
  • Lalo is struggling to figure out who Mike Ehrmantraut and Werner Ziegler are and what they have to do with Gus’s mystery project. He learns of a rumor from Nacho and Krazy-8 that a competing drug gang is stepping on the Salamanca family business.
  • Lalo drives to Gus’s chicken farm to have a talk with Gus and Juan Bolsa about cocain. Gus lies about secretly replacing the Cartel‘s cocain with methamphetamine after Werner stumbled upon his drug business and stole his product. Juan confronts Lalo for spying on Gus’s opperation and murdering Fred Whalen.
  • Jimmy sells all his remaining drop phones inside a circus tent, with Huell as his bouncer. The city’s criminals come out in groups to purchase the phones.
"50% Off"
April 8 to 14
(one week)
  • Sticky and Ron, who had just attended Jimmy’s drop phone sale, go on a drug-induced ride through town. They passed out behind the wheel of the car and wake up in the morning on the lawn of a suburban house, which the car had crashed. They feel confident that Jimmy will get them out of trouble.
  • Nacho is sleeping with his girlfriend, Jo and suddenly Tyrus Kitt breaks in leading a group of men, and they pin him down and bring him to the car. They go to a resturaunt where Nacho’s father watches Gus and Victor threaten him.
  • Kim becomes annoyed by Jimmy’s boisterousness in his new law practice, just as she’s about to go to her office Jimmy gets the car unexpectedly and requests to show her somthing. They drive to an open house, but Kim is anxius and feels its too soon to buy a home, but reassuers him that she likes it, and they look inside.
  • While Lalo, Domingo, Nacho, and Blingy are playing poker Domingo gets interupted by a call from one of his dealers. He has to leave to deal with an issue, which leads to his arrest with a small quanity of cocain by a beat cop. Later Nacho recovers the remains of cocain before the DEA find it, and Lalo asks him to hire a lawyer and he picks Saul Goodman.
  • Nacho and Bling pick Jimmy up outside the court.
"The Guy For This"
April 14 to 17
(four days)
  • Nacho and Blingy take Jimmy to a garage where Lalo is fixing his car. Lalo tells Jimmy to bring a message to Krazy-8 at MDC.
  • Jimmy visits Krazy-8 in jail, Krazy-8 is confused since he never hired him, but his demeanor changes when Jimmy reveals that Lalo hired him. Jimmy gives Domingo a script on a notepad. He is later innterigated by Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez. Jimmy interrupts the meeting and argues with Domingo over his cooperation with the DEA.
  • Kim drives to Tucumcari and meets Paige Novick in a former nieghborhood, where only one house remains. Everett Acker, the owner refuses to sell his peice of the property, on which Mesa Verde plan to build a call center there.
April 18 to 21
(four days)
  • Jimmy visits Ron and Sticky in prison and informs them that their bail has been denied and negotiates deals with them which include rehab and jail community service but they refuse. Jimmy generates a fee of $4,000 but they consider a free public defender instead. Jimmy pretends that he’s the biggest lawyer they deserve.
  • Kim attends a meeting at Schweikart & Cokely with Paige and Kevin concerning the Tucumcari Call Center, and suggest Mesa Verde move the construction to another lot so that Everett Acker can continue living in his house. Paige doubts that would work, but Kim rebuts her with a PowerPoint preasentation that she composed before the meeting, trying to convince them that the conditions of the lot become more favorable than Acker’s land. Kim argues about the risk of Mesa Verde forcing Acker to leave the proberty, but Kevin and Paige believe that the bank is intitled to the land lawfully.
  • Jimmy comes to Everett Acker‘s house and greets hin at his front door, using a picture of a man and a horse, repreasenting himself and Mesa Verde to persuade him to let him act as his Lawyer.
  • While Mike is walking home he runs into some gangsters who tried to attack him a few nights earlier. He tries to put up a fight but gets stabbed in the abdomen before he can.
May "Dedicado a Max"
April 21 to May 23
(one month)
  • Mike wakes up at a rural compound in Mexico, and Dr. Barry Goodman stitches his wound from the stabbing.
  • In Tucumcari Jimmy approaches when a demolition crew is getting ready to bulldoze Everett Acker’s house. Jimmy and Acker persuade the sheriff that the eviction on the address order is wrong, forcing a one day delay for the demolition.
  • Another Day in Tucumcari Jimmy claims that Acker’s house sits on a purported Native American site necessitating another delay to his eviction, this become one of many obstacles Jimmy puts in the way of the demolition crew.
"Wexler v. Goodman"
May 24 to 25
(two days)
  • In flashback to when Kim was a pre-teen or teen she waits for her mom outside her middle school with a cello. When her mom finally shows up she reluctunt to get in the car. Her mom tries to convince her that she’s sober but Kim decides to walk home.
  • At S&C, Kim, Rich, and Viola are on a conference call with Jimmy and they learn that Acker agreed to settle the case.
  • Mike reads the file case of Lalo’s murder of Fred Whalen and his arson of TravelWire, and delivers it to Tim Roberts.
  • Jimmy, Kim, Kevin, Rich and Paige meet at S&C to negotiate Acker’s settlement and everyone is stunned by Jimmy’s demand of 4 million$.
May 26 to 28
(three days)
  • Lalo is arrested for Fred’s murder
  • Kim and Jimmy get married in the courthouse with Huell as their witness.
  • Gus attends a meeting with Lydia and Peter Schuler in Houstan about the CEOs of Madrigal’s restaraunt chains.
  • Gus and Nacho break into the Los Pollos Hermanos, Los Lunas and Gus starts an arson under Lalo’s orders.
May 29 to 31
(three days)
  • Lalo Sends Jimmy on a trip out into the desert to get his bail money, and he meets with the Salamanca twins, who hand him 2 bags of money.
  • Jimmy gets ambushed by a gang who’s after the money but is rescued by Mike, who kills 5 members out of 6 but only 1 survived and destroys Mike’s truck.
  • As Mike and Jimmy are driving back in Jimmy’s car the engine suddenly spudders to a halt, and Mike examines it and notices it‘s damaged from the shootout, so they dispose it by pushing it off a ravine.
  • After disposing the car Jimmy and Mike now have to walk a long way back so Mike sets up a campsite.
  • Kim visits Lalo in Jail damanding to that he disclose Jimmy’s location assighnment. He’s not happy that she knows about his trip.
"Bad Choice Road"
May 31 to June 1
(two days)
  • Jimmy and Mike are still on their journey back to Albuquerque after being stranded in the desert. When they finally reach a truck stop Victor and Tyrus pick them up.
  • Kim quit S&C
  • Lalo is realesed from Jail.
  • Lalo and Nacho drive to the pickup sight where Jimmy recieved Lalo’s Bail money. Lalo finds Jimmy’s car Iin the ravine where it was dumped, and sees the bullet holes. When Lalo realizes Jimmy lied he and Nacho drive back to Albuquerque.
  • Lalo visits Kim and Jimmy’s apartment to confront Jimmy about his journey in the desert. He mentioned the bullet holes in Jimmy’s car.
June "Something Unforgivable"
June 1 to 3
(three days)
  • Jimmy gets a call from Mike and asks what happenes next, and Mike answers we’ll see. When Jimmy hangs up Kim asks who he was talking to, and he tells her the truth about his desert trip. They feel the appartment is no longer safe so they go to a hotel and wait for a few days.
  • Mike and Gus meet up at the burned Los Pollos Hermanos, Los Lunas. Gus reveals that he sent assassins after Lalo and suggests that Nacho help.
  • Jimmy visits Mike to question him about where he work and the whole Lalo situation. Mike tells him he‘s not allowed to know, but he reveals that Lalo will be killed that night.
  • At 3:00 A.M. Nacho aproaches the back gate at Lalo’s place, to let in the hittmen Gus hired to kill Lalo.
  • Lalo manages to dodge out the inItial fire of assaains and burns one with boiling oil. He runs to his secret underground tunnel under his jucuzzi. Two hittmen enter and one keeps guard, and Lalo kills all 3 of them. Lalo evetually finds Yolonda’s corpse and shoots her chest. The remaining assassin is seriusly injured and Lalo overpowers him and tells him to call his boss to tell him the plan was successfull.

Post-Better Call Saul, Pre-Breaking Bad Timeline

circa 2004
circa Spring 2008

Breaking Bad Timeline

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Season 1

2008 September "Pilot"
September 7 to 28
(three weeks)
  • Walter celebrates his 50th birthday and finds out he has Lung Cancer.
  • Walter accompanies Hank Schrader at a drug bust. While the suspects are apprehended, including Emilio, Walter spots Jesse Pinkman escaping.
  • Walter and Jesse team up to cook meth. They operate in the desert aboard an RV that serves as a mobile laboratory.
  • The two are attacked by Krazy-8 and Emilio. Walter poisons them with phosphine gas, leading to Emilio's death.
"Cat's in the Bag..."
September 29 to 30
(two days)
"...and the Bag's in the River"
September 30 to October 1
(two days)
  • Walter kills Krazy-8 by strangling.
"Cancer Man"
October 3 to 9
(seven days)
"Gray Matter"
October 8 to 13
(six days)
  • Elliott and Gretchen offer to pay for Walter's cancer treatment, but Walter refuses.
  • Walter starts treatment of his lung cancer.
"Crazy Handful of Nothin'"
October 14 to 24
(eleven days)
"A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal"
October 25 to 31
(seven days)
  • Walt and Jesse steal a barrel of methylamine.
  • Tuco beats to death No-Doze.

Season 2

2008 October "Seven Thirty-Seven"
October 31 to November 7
(seven days)
  • Walter and Jesse cook up the ricin.
  • Gonzo accidentally dies while trying to move No-Doze's body.
  • Tuco kidnaps Walter and Jesse.
November 8
(one day)
  • Skyler, Walt jr, Marie and Hank search Walter.
  • Hector Salamanca prevents Walter and Jesse from poisoning Tuco with ricin.
  • Hank tracks down Jesse's car and kills Tuco in a shooting.
"Bit by a Dead Bee"
November 8 to 11
(four days)
  • Walt fakes a fugue state by taking his cloths off in a supermarket.
  • Jesse is arrested and interrogated by Hank.
  • Hector refuses to help the DEA, Jesse is released.
November 12 to 17
(six days)
November 18 to 30
(thirteen days)
December 1
(one day)
  • Jesse goes to two junkies who attacked Skinny Pete and recovers more than the stolen money.
  • Gretchen discovers that Walter lied to his family about her and Elliott paying for his treatment.
December "Negro y Azul"
December 2 to 3
(two days)
  • Skyler returns to his former job at Beneke Fabricators.
  • Jesse and Jane start a romantic relationship.
  • Hank survives an attack orchestrated by the cartel against the DEA.
"Better Call Saul"
December 4 to 6
(three days)
  • Badger is arrested in the act of selling drugs.
  • Walter and Jesse hire Saul Goodman to have Badger released.
"4 Days Out"
December 7 to 13
(seven days)
  • Convinced that his medical condition is deteriorating, Walter embarks Jesse in a 4-day cooking marathon during which they produce 42 pounds of meth.
  • Walter learns that his cancer is in remission and his tumor has shrunk by 80 percent.
December 14 to 19
(six days)
  • After learning that Walt’s tumor has shrunk Skyler decides to have a party for him
  • Disturbed and frustrated by Walter's behavior, Skyler gets closer to her boss, Ted Beneke.
December 20 to 28
(nine days)
December 28 to January 26
(four weeks)
  • Skyler gives birth to Holly.
  • Walter watches Jane struggle as she asphyxiates on her vomit until she finally lies still and dies.
2009 January
January 27 to February 17
(three weeks)
  • Saul sends Mike Ehrmantraut to mitigate Jesse's involvement with Jane's death.
  • Walter accidentally references multiple cell phones. This prompts Skyler to investigate deeper, thereby revealing many of Walt's lies, which spurs her to leave him.
  • Donald Margolis makes a fatal error that causes Wayfarer 515 to collide with another plane in the skies over Albuquerque.

Season 3

2009 February "No Más"
February 18 to 19
(two days)
  • Hector appeals to Leonel and Marco Salamanca to avenge Tuco's death.
  • Walter packs his bags and moves into an apartment.
  • Skyler asks for divorce and Walter admits he's cooking meth.
  • Gus offers Walter $3 million for three months of work.
"Caballo Sin Nombre"
February 20 to March 1
(ten days)
  • Jesse bought his aunt's house from his parents, with Saul's help.
  • Walter decides to relocate to the White residence.
  • The Cousins are about to kill Walter but are interrupted by a call from Gus.
March 2 to 5
(four days)
  • Gus meets Hector, the Cousins and Juan Bolsa and asks them to postpone their revenge against Walter.
  • Skyler takes revenge on Walter by sleeping with Ted and confessing him coldly.
"Green Light"
March 6 to 10
(five days)
  • Walter refuses to connect Jesse with Gus so that he can sell the batch of meth that he has cooked alone.
  • Terrified of returning to El Paso, Hank stepped up his investigation into the blue meth that reappeared to the streets of Albuquerque.
March 11 to 15
(five days)
  • Hank follows the trail of the RV and makes the connection with Jesse.
  • Walter visits the superlab and agrees to work for Gus.
  • Walter signs Skyler's divorce papers and moves back out of the White residence.
March 16 to 17
(two days)
  • Walter buys a model combo, furnishings and all.
  • Walter starts meth production at the superlab, assisted by Gale Boetticher.
  • Walter and Jesse manage to destroy the RV before Hank can prove that he was used as a lab to cook blue meth.
  • Gus allows the Cousins to kill Hank to avenge Tuco's death.
"One Minute"
March 18 to 19
(two days)
  • Furious that he was tricked into believing that his wife was in hospital, Hank goes to Jesse Pinkman's house and beats him up.
  • Hank escapes the surprise attack of the Cousins, warned by an anonymous call.
  • Hank kills Marco Salamanca.
"I See You"
March 19 to 20
(two days)
  • Hank and Leonel Salamanca are admitted to the emergency room.
  • Mike sneaks into Leonel's room and administers him to lethal injection.
  • Walter gets from Gus that Jesse replaces Gale as his superlab assistant.
March 21 to 28
(seven days)
  • Skyler forces Walt to pay Hank's hospital bills, providing the rest of the family with a lie to account for his behavior and finances.
  • Gus offers Walter a $15 million-a-year open-end deal and guarantee of the White family's safety.
March 29
(one day)
  • Walter gets distracted from cooking and gets injured after trying to kill a fly.
  • Walter apologies for Jane's death.
  • Jesse successfully kills the fly.
  • Walter tells Jesse that he can't protected him if Gus finds out that he's skimming Meth.
March 30 to April 7
(nine days)
"Half Measures"
April 8 to 14
(seven days)
  • Gus orders Jesse to make peace with the "rival dealers" and the dealers to stop using a child.
  • Tomás is found dead, the body riddled with bullets.
  • Walter saves Jesse by eliminating the two dealers.
"Full Measure"
April 15 to 16
(two days)
  • Gus confronts Walter. He agrees that Walter resume work, but Gale becomes his lab assistant again.
  • Gus announces to Gale that he will have to be able to handle the production at the superlab alone after the next batch.
  • Jesse comes out of hiding and kills Gale to save Walter.

Season 4

2009 April "Box Cutter"
April 16 to 17
(two days)
  • Gus slices Victor's throat in front of Walter, Jesse and Mike.
  • Walter, Jesse and Mike dissolve Victor's body with hydrofluoric acid.
  • Albuquerque PD finds Gale's Lab Notes in his apartment.
"Thirty-Eight Snub"
April 18 to May 4
(seventeen days)
  • Walter White purchases a gun with a filed off serial number from an illicit gun dealer procured by Saul.
  • Skyler approaches Bogdan Wolynetz with a proposal to buy his car wash, where Walter used to work. Bogdan refuses and insults Walter.
  • Jesse starts hosting a 3 day house party.
  • Walter asks Mike for help to eliminate Gus, Mike punches him in the face.
"Open House"
May 5 to 6
(two days)
  • Marie visits a few open house’s pretending to be an interested buyer and takes things from the owners.
  • Tim Roberts asks Hank to study Gale's lab notes.
  • On Walter and Skyler's orders, Saul goes on a scam to force Bogdan to sell his business to Skyler.
"Bullet Points"
May 7 to 17
(eleven days)
  • Mike repels a cartel ambush on a Los Pollos Hermanos refrigerated truck.
  • Hank shows Walter Gale's lab notes and the two "joke" about the mysterious W.W., of which mention is made.
May 17 to 18
(two days)
  • Gus develops a plan to get Jesse to regain his self-confidence and get out of Walter's grasp.
  • Hank finds a clue that drives him to investigate Los Pollos Hermanos.
May 19 to 20
(two days)
  • The cartel attacks another truck and steals the single marked container of fry batter in which the drug is hidden.
  • Walter claims "I'm not in danger. I am the danger!" Skyler retorts that "Someone has to protect this family from the man that protects this family."
"Problem Dog"
May 21 to June 4
(fifteen days)
  • Walter asks Jesse to kill Gus on the first occassion, since he is the only one of them to be able to approach him.
  • Gus meets the person responsible for the attacks on trucks and receives an ultimatum from the cartel.
  • While he has the opportunity to kill Gus, Jesse changes his mind.
June 5 to July 2
(four weeks)
  • Hank's investigation leads the DEA to question Gus. Gus proves convincing, only Hank remains suspicious.
  • Hank decides to investigate Gus alone without the support of his hierarchy. Walter reluctantly agrees to help Hank and warns Gus.
July 3 to 9
(seven days)
  • Following a new cartel attack, Gus is forced to negotiate.
  • Skyler convinces the IRS that Ted did not knowingly fraud. Ted will simply have to repay his IRS debt.
  • Jesse knowingly passes another opportunity to kill Gus.
  • Walter confronts Jesse about his betrayal, causing a fight, which Jesse wins. The pair have a violent falling out as a result.
July 10
(one day)
  • Skyler is scheming for Ted to get enough money to repay his IRS debt without him knowing where the money is coming from.
  • Jesse accompanies Gus and Mike to Mexico and teaches the cartel how to cook Walter's formula.
  • Gus eliminates Don Eladio and all of these lieutenants at once. Jesse exfiltrates Gus and Mike in bad shape.
"Crawl Space"
July 11 to 13
(three days)
  • Gus visits Hector to announce the destruction of the cartel and the death of Joaquin, making Hector the last Salamanca.
  • Walter triggers a car accident to slow Hank's investigation.
  • Gus announces to Walter that he is fired and that he will take care of the threat that Hank represents. He warns Walter that if he interferes he'll kill his entire family.
  • Walter rushes home to raise the money needed to disappear with his family. Walter panics when he learns that Skyler gave Ted the money to protect the family.
"End Times"
July 13 to 14
(two days)
  • Jesse is convinced that Walt has poisoned Brock, Andrea's son.
  • Jesse goes to Walter's house to kill him, but Walter convinces him that only Gus could poison a child and ask him for help to kill Gus.
  • Walter makes a bomb and places it on Gus's car, but his plan fails.
"Face Off"
July 14
(one day)
  • Walter exploits the rivalry between Hector and Gus for his benefit and negotiates an alliance of circumstance with Hector.
  • Gus learns that Hector acts as an informant of the DEA.
  • Gus is about to kill Hector by lethal injection, but Hector triggers the bomb Walter gave him. Both are killed in the blast.
  • Jesse learns that Brock was not poisoned by ricin, but by lily of the valley, a flower found in Walter's backyard.

Season 5A

2009 July "Live Free or Die"
July 15 to 30
(sixteen days)
  • In a flashforward, Walter, unrecognizable, celebrates his 52nd birthday alone. He buys an M60 machine gun from a gun dealer.
  • Mike reluctantly partners with Jesse and Walter to destroy the evidence seized by police who can link them to Gus.
July 31 to August 6
(seven days)
"Hazard Pay"
August 7 to 25
(nineteen days)
  • The DEA arrests Gus's henchmen and seizes their offshore account.
  • Walter, Jesse and Mike team up and buy a fumigation company, Vamonos Pest, to be used as a front for their new methamphetamine manufacturing organization.
  • Much of the profits from the sale of meth are swallowed up to buy the silence of Gus's henchmen, which deeply annoys Walter.
August 26 to September 9
(two weeks)
  • The DEA decides to focus its investigation around Mike, following the re-release of the blue meth.
  • Skyler learns that Walter is back into the drug game. She wants the kids to leave the house, but Walter opposes it.
  • Walter celebrates 51 years with his family. Skyler simulates a suicide attempt. Walter Jr. and Holly leave to live temporarily with the Schrader.
  • At the Houston Madrigal warehouse, Jesse and Lydia discover a GPS device attached to the bottom of a barrel of methylamine.
"Dead Freight"
September 10 to 16
(seven days)
  • While Mike does not trust him anymore and wants to kill her, Lydia saves her life by informing the men of an "ocean" of methylamine in a freight train tanker car that passes through New Mexico each Wednesday.
  • Walter, Mike and Jesse set a plan to siphon methylamine from the train without anyone noticing it and without a witness, assisted by Vamonos Pest team and Kuby.
  • As the team celebrates the success of the plan, a teen seems to have witnessed the operation. Todd shoots the kid as Jesse yells in protest.
September 16 to 24
(nine days)
  • Walter, Mike and Todd dissolve the kid's body with hydrofluoric acid.
  • Mike and Jesse announce to Walter that they are leaving the meth organization.
  • Declan is proposing to buy the entire stock of methylamine for $15 million, but the deal goes off because Walter refuses to sell his share.
"Say My Name"
September 24 to October 2
(nine days)
  • Declan accepts a counter-offer from Walter. For $5 million, Declan buys Mike's stake in the organization and becomes the distributor of blue meth.
  • Walter tries to convince Jesse to stay in the operation, but Jesse refuses. Todd becomes his new lab assistant.
  • Mike barely escapes his arrest by the DEA and prepare for his departure.
  • Walter requires Mike to give him the list of the names of Gus's henchmen. Mike refuses, Walter kills Mike.
"Gliding Over All"
October 2 to c. March 1
(5 months)
  • Walter and Todd dissolve Mike's body with hydrofluoric acid.
  • Walter obtains from Lydia the list of the names of Gus's henchmen and the two team up to distribute the blue meth in the Czech Republic.
  • Walter hires Todd's uncle, Jack Welker, to have his gang kill all Gus henchmen simultaneously in three different prisons.
  • Walter's meth operation turns like a clock for several months. Unable to launder so much money, Skyler ends up revealing to Walter the gigantic stack of cash she piled up in a storage unit. Skyler wants her children back and asks him to stop the drug business.
  • Walter passes an MRI to learn that his cancer is back. He decides to hang up.
  • Fearing for his life, Jesse is very suspicious when Walter pays him an unexpected visit to give him $5 million.
  • To celebrate Walter Jr. and Holly's return home, a family meal is organized. Hank finds a copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass autographed to Walter by Gale and understands that Walter is Heisenberg.
2010 January

Season 5B

2010 March "Blood Money"
c. March 1 to March 5
(at least five days)
  • In a flashforward, Walter drives up to the White residence, which is now fenced-in and derelict. He retrieves the vial of ricin from its hiding spot.
  • Lydia tries to convince Walter to return to service, due to massive drop in the quality of meth produced after his departure. Walter refuses.
  • Walter discovers that his copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass has disappeared. Suspecting Hank, Walter checks his car and finds a tracking device.
  • Walter confronts Hank and understands he is unmasked. Hank hits him, Walter advises him to "tread lightly".
c. March 5 to March 7
(at least three days)
  • Jesse struggles with his guilt. He is arrested by the police after tossing out stacks of money from his car.
  • Hank informs Skyler of his discovery. Hank being extremely clumsy, Skyler angrily refuse to help him. Marie tries to help but the situation degenerates when Marie tries to get Holly out of Skyler.
  • Walter buries his barrels of cash in the desert, where Jesse and he cooked meth for the first time.
  • Skyler understands that Walter's cancer is back. Walter tells her he will turn himself in if she promises to give back the money. Believing that Hank has no evidence, she suggests that they remain silent.
  • Declan and his men are killed by Jack's gang, acting on Lydia's orders.
c. March 7 to March 9
(at least three days)
  • Hank offers to help Jesse if he informs on Walter, but Jesse remains silent.
  • Walter and Skyler give Hank and Marie a very convincing video in which Walter falsely claims that Hank was Heisenberg.
  • Walter advises Jesse to leave town. Saul swiftly arranges for the extractor to take Jesse away to a new life.
  • Jesse realizes that Walter poisoned Brock. He storms into Walter's house and begins dousing the living room with gasoline.
"Rabid Dog"
c. March 9 to March 16
(at least three days)
  • Jesse is preparing to set fire to the White's residence. Hank stops him and suggests that the two work together to take down Walter once and for all.
  • Jesse agrees to cooperate with Hank, who videotapes Jesse's confession.
  • Hank forces Jesse to meet Walter in a public place. Scared, Jesse changes his mind at the last moment and calls Walter to threaten him.
March 17 to March 18
(three days)
  • Walt meets with Jack and contracts with him to kill Jesse. In exchange, Walter has to oversee a few cooks with Todd to improve the quality of the meth.
  • Jesse makes Walter believe he has found his money and is about to burn it. Walt panics and frantically drives to To'hajiilee. Walter understands that he has been trapped and calls Jack and his gang in reinforcement.
  • Jesse appears with Hank and Steven Gomez. Defeated, Walter resolves to surrender. Hank calls Marie to share the good news.
  • Jack and his gang make their appearance and draw their weapons. After a standoff, both sides open fire.
March 19 to March 20
(two days)
  • Walter offers Jack $80 million in cash in exchange for Hank's life. Nonetheless, Jack executes Hank. Jack's gang digs up all barrels of cash, leaving one for Walter.
  • At Todd's suggestion, Jesse is taken prisoner to find out what he has revealed to the DEA before executing it.
  • Marie informs Skyler that Hank has arrested Walter. Skyler understands that the game is over and reveals the truth to Walter Jr.
  • Back home, Skyler and Walter Jr. discover Walter preparing the luggage in a hurry. Skyler immediately understands that Hank is dead. Skyler attacks Walter with a knife and Walter Jr. calls the police.
  • Walter is forced to flee and appealed to Saul's contact to obtain a new identity and disappear. During a call to Skyler that is monitored by the police, he clears Skyler of any involvement in his meth business.
"Granite State"
c. March 15 to September 4
(six months)
  • After Heisenberg's real identity is finally exposed, Saul avails himself of the disappearer's services.("Quite a Ride")
  • After being interrogated by the DEA, Todd threatens Skyler to kill her and her children if she talks about Lydia.
  • Walter relocates to a cabin in New Hampshire with his last barrel of cash as the only luggage. The extractor return monthly to bring him groceries, Albuquerque newspapers and other supplies.
  • Jesse is held prisoner at the White Supremacist Compound and forced to cook meth for them. He tries to escape, but is caught. As punishment, Jesse is forced to watch Todd murder Andrea.
  • Several months have passed and Walter is slowly dying of his cancer. He goes to the nearest bar to call Walter Jr. He begs his son to accept the money he will send, but Walter Jr furiously wishes Walter dead.
  • Walter resigns himself to call the DEA to surrender. While sitting at the bar, he watches Charlie Rose interview Elliott and Gretchen. Both deny Walter has any serious claim to or history with Gray Matter Technologies. The police encircle the bar, but Walter has already left.
September 4 to 7
(three days)
  • Walter goes to the Schwartz residence. Elliot and Gretchen must give Walter's money to Walter Jr. for his 18th birthday. Walter warns them that he hired two hit men to kill them if they failed.
  • Walter interferes with the usual meeting between Lydia and Todd. He gets an appointment with Jack and replaces Lydia's stevia with ricin.
  • Walter visits Skyler and says goodbye to his family. He finally admits that he continued his activities in the production of meth for his own satisfaction and his ego, rather than for the benefit of his family.
  • Walter meets Jack and his gang at the White Supremacist Compound. He triggers the M60 machine gun which he has jury rigged in the trunk of his car. Only Jesse, Todd, Walter and Jack survive. Jesse strangles Todd to death. Walter shoots Jack in the head.
  • Walter offers Jesse revenge by killing him, but Jesse sees that Walter is fatally wounded and refuses.
  • When Lydia calls Todd, Walter responds and reveals that he has poisoned her with ricin, signing her death warrant.
  • Jesse and Walter share one last look of gratitude before Jesse escapes in Todd's car, crying in joy.
  • As the police lights approach in the distance, Walter walks into the compound's meth lab which contains his old empire's industrial chemical equipment. Walter succumbs to his gunshot wound and is found dead by a group of police officers, ironically, in the same place where he most and last felt alive.

El Camino Timeline

2008 (Flashbacks)
  • After the four days out, Jesse and Walter have a discussion about occupations in the diner, and Walter suggests business.
  • Jesse and Jane have a discussion about what Jane said about "go where the universe takes you."
2009 (Flashbacks)
  • Jesse and Mike talk about leaving town, and Mike suggests that Jesse goes to Alaska.
Summer 2010 (Flashbacks)
  • Neil Kandy is strengthening the constraints in the meth lab for Jesse after his failed attempt to escape the compound. When Neil says he's finished, he is challenged by Kenny, and they toss Jesse back and forth with the constraint like a swing to make sure that it is strong enough.
  • Jack and his gang go out to Elephant Butte for the weekend, leaving Todd to watch Jesse.
  • Todd brings Jesse to his apartment, where he reveals that he killed a cleaning lady named Sonia for finding his drug money.
  • Todd drives out to the desert and has Jesse bury Sonia, and they have a small memorial before Jesse finds a gun in Todd's glove compartment, which he points at Todd. However, Todd is able to save himself by offering Jesse pizza and beer.
September 7, 2010
September 8, 2010
  • Jesse, Skinny Pete, and Badger come up with a plan to get the police off Jesse's tail when Joe says the El Camino is being traced.
  • A police convoy heads towards Skinny Pete's house right as Jesse leaves the neighborhood.
    • At the DEA Office, the DEA questions Skinny Pete on the whereabouts of Jesse, but he doesn't let up (offscreen; teaser).
  • That night, Jesse drives to Todd's apartment, now a crime scene, to look for Todd's money. While looking, he sees a news broadcast of his parents asking him to turn himself in.
September 9, 2010
  • After looking for Todd's money all night, Jesse finally finds it in the morning, but two cops walk into the apartment right away and have an exchange with Jesse until it is revealed that they are not cops, but instead welders Neil and Casey, who built the meth lab Jesse was forced to cook in, though he doesn't realize it until he sees Neil's truck as Neil has a different look. Jesse bribes them and they come up with a deal where they each get a third.
  • Now that he has the money, Jesse goes to Ed the Disappearer to try to get a new life, but Ed tells him that he is short $1800.
  • That night, Jesse calls his parents to get them to leave the Pinkman household and breaks in, steals two guns, and looks through the yellowpages for the location of Kandy Welding Co., so that he can get Neil to give him $1800.
September 10, 2010
  • In the early morning, Neil, Casey and some employees of Kandy Welding Co. are holding a party at the welding compound. Clarence drops off some prostitutes and when they leave, Jesse walks in and tells Neil that he needs $1800, but Neil challenges him to a dual in which the winner takes it all. Jesse kills both Neil and Casey and threatens the employees, before blowing up the compound to hide the evidence.
  • Jesse pays Ed and tells him that he wants to go to Alaska, following Mike's advice. (Deleted scene)
~September 13, 2010
  • After setting up Jesse's new identity and an approximately 50 hour roundtrip, Ed drops him off at a viewpoint in Alaska, near the town of Haines. Ed quizzes Jesse, now Mr. Driscoll, on his new identity before Jesse gets in the SUV and drives off.
November 12, 2010

Post-Breaking Bad Timeline

2010 onward
  • Gene (Saul/Jimmy's pseudonym) is working as manager in a Cinnabon in a shopping mall in Omaha, Nebraska. In his home, Gene is nostalgic for his past life and watches an old VHS cassette of Saul Goodman's commercials. ("Uno")
  • Locked in the trash room of the mall where he works, Gene prefers to wait for someone to release him despite the late hour, rather than alert the police by using the emergency exit. The cleaner who eventually opens the door is listening to an October 21, 2010 podcast of the Rich Eisen show, Eisen confirming in an interview with Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan that the date was deliberately selected. ("Switch")
  • Gene collapses from the stress at the Cinnabon, after taking the risk of advising a thief, who had just been arrested by the police beforehand, to call a lawyer. ("Mabel")
  • At a hospital, the exiting nurse alarms Gene by asking about his Social Security information before she realizes she has mistyped the numbers. In his taxi, Gene spots an Albuquerque Isotopes air freshener hanging from the cabbie's rear-view mirror and notices the cabbie staring intently at him. ("Smoke")
  • At the hospital, Gene's information on the nurse's computer shows he has no middle name. ("Smoke")
  • At the Mall, Gene gets discovered by Jeff, the cabbie who drove him home from the hospital. Jeff appears to be a fan of Saul Goodman, and asks Gene to do the "Better Call Saul" finger gun catchphrase. This sends Gene into a panic. He calls "The Disappearer" to again avail himself of his services, but at the end of the call changes his mind. ("Magic Man")
  • A large, expensive and well-furnished house (Most definitely belonging to Jimmy and/or Kim) is repossessed. As a cabinet is being transported into a moving truck, the cork off of a bottle of Zafiro Añejo Tequila falls out of it. ("Wine and Roses")

Time References

  • In the flashback at the beginning of "Inflatable", we can see magazines whose cover is dated August 1973, including the Time dated August 20. In an interview[1], Thomas Schnauz indicates that Jimmy is like 9 years old in this flashback. However, this is an inconsistency as it would place Jimmy's birthdate in 1963 or 1964.
    • Jimmy’s birthdate was confirmed to be November 12, 1960 in “JMM”, which means that Jimmy would actually be 12/13 in the flashback.
  • The Missouri license plate that Gene puts on his car when running away from Jeff has 2012 sticker tags on them ("Magic Man"). This could mean the scene takes place any time between 2010 and 2012 given that Missouri has biennial vehicle registration as an option and Gene wouldn't want to be pulled over by the police for outdated stickers. However, the Nebraska plate Gene removes from his car is shown for a split second to have a 2012 registration sticker - Nebraska has annual vehicle registrations. Some leniency may be required in interpreting these details given other anachronisms in Gene's scenes, including a whiskey bottle with a design only available from 2015, a Cinnabon promotion first available in 2014 and a song playing in the diner first available in 2017.
    • Due to the snowy weather in the Gene Scenes, it is most likely set in winter months.


  • Walt’s 50th Birthday appears to be celebrated on a Monday but his official birthday would have to be Sunday. ("Pilot")
  • Jimmy's (Gene's) position at the Cinnabon was alluded to in Breaking Bad episode "Granite State".
  • The Post-Show Timeline is only shown during the opening scene of each season premiere episode of Better Call Saul. These brief scenes show what happened to Jimmy following the events of Breaking Bad after he disappears under Ed's disappearing program.