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A copy of H.G. Wells The Time Machine.

You are not talking about a time machine, which is both a real and theoretical impossibility. You are talking about regrets.
Walter White[src]

A Time Machine is a hypothetical device from fiction that allows its user to travel between certain points in time. The concept was one of the main themes of "Saul Gone", the series finale of Better Call Saul.


During the prologue of the first episode of season six, set after the events of Breaking Bad, a copy of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine can be seen on Jimmy McGill / "Saul Goodman"'s house while a team of workers remove his personal effects. The very next episode, the same book can be seen at Jimmy's nightstand on Kim's Apartment. ("Wine and Roses",  "Carrot and Stick")

The concept of a time machine is directly mentioned by Jimmy/Saul on two different flashbacks. The first one takes place shortly after "Bagman", where Jimmy jokingly suggests to Mike Ehrmantraut that they steal Lalo's money and flee in the middle of their trek through the desert. This lead to a conversation where they each mentioned what they would do if they used the money to build a time machine, with Mike traveling to 1984 to prevent taking his first bribe and Jimmy saying that he would go back to 1965, invest in Berkshire Hathaway on the day it was taken over by Warren Buffett, and come back a billionaire.

The second flashback takes place during the Breaking Bad episode "Granite State" and has Saul asking Walter White the same question about what he would do if he had a time machine, with Walter quickly recognizing that what Saul is actually talking about is past regrets. Walter tells Saul that his biggest regret is allowing his former business partners to take over the company he co-founded and Saul tells Walter that he regrets hurting his leg in a slip-and-fall when he was younger.

During the third and last flashback of the episode, which centers around a conversation between Jimmy and his brother Chuck, the same copy of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine from previous episodes can be seen. ("Saul Gone")