APD Detective Tim Roberts is a homicide investigator for the Albuquerque police department and a colleague of Hank Schrader's.


Season 2

Tim is introduced when he helps investigate Walter White's disappearance, apparently as a favor on his day off for Hank Schrader. He questions Skyler White briefly and asks about a phone call she mentioned, however Hank reveals that there was no record of a phone call indicating that Walt was using a second cell phone. ("Grilled")

Season 4

After Marie is arrested for stealing at an open house, Tim tells her that he has good news and reveals that the homeowners will not press charges. Marie, upset at the resurfacing of her kleptomania, breaks into tears. ("Open House")

Tim visits Hank Schrader at home to see if he could be of any help in the murder of Gale Boetticher. Eventually Hank links Gale to Los Pollos Hermanos and to Gustavo Fring, so Tim, Hank, Steven Gomez, and ASAC George Merkert, interview Gus together. Everyone at the DEA except Hank seems to come away from the meeting satisfied that Gus is innocent. Tim is on the fence and will follow up the investigation.("Hermanos")


Breaking Bad

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