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Tiburón is a criminal and a member of the Colombian gang.

Warning, the following may contain spoilers.
Working for Juan Bolsa, he ambushed Jimmy in an attempt to steal Lalo Salamanca's bail money.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 5[]

Tiburón was part of a six-man hit team led by Jefe, who are tipped off by an inside source in the Salamanca crime family about the $7 million being transported for Lalo's bail. After the Cousins hand over the money to Jimmy, Tiburón and the gang ambush him on his way back. Just as they are about to kill Jimmy, Mike shoots Matador with a sniper rifle. After his entire gang is picked off one by one, Tiburón attempts an ambush on Mike, managing to disable his truck, but soon flees in one of the gang's vehicles.

He later returns and discovers Jimmy's wrecked Suzuki Esteem, which prompts him to do a grid search for Mike and Jimmy. A day later, Jimmy decides to eliminate Tiburón by purposefully luring him so Mike can kill him. He does this by wrapping himself in a space blanket and walking on the road. The plan works, as Tiburón spots Jimmy and swerves towards him, only to be shot by Mike shortly afterwards. Unfortunately for the pair, Tiburón wrecks the car, forcing the two to continue their trek on foot. ("Bagman")

After picking up Mike and Jimmy, Tyrus Kitt and Victor tell them that Gus' people have located and recovered the bodies of the other gang members to dispose of the evidence. However, they will be "damned lucky" if they can find Tiburón's body which Mike accepts, noting that Tiburón died in the middle of nowhere. While later reporting to Gus Fring, Mike suggests that they were a Colombian gang based on his past experiences and draws their tattoo for Gus. Gus realizes that Tiburón and his associates were hired by Juan Bolsa to protect Gus' interests and by extension, the cartel's. ("Bad Choice Road")

After Lalo's visit, Jimmy tells Kim the truth about his ambush the Colombian gang and how he helped Mike kill Tiburón. ("Something Unforgivable")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • His name, which means "Shark" in Spanish, is revealed through the episode credits.