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Thomas is an enforcer working for Gus' Drug Empire.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 3[]

Thomas appears working with Diego and Gabriel to keep tabs on Mike Ehrmantraut. ("Witness")

Season 4[]

Thomas joins in the search for Werner Ziegler after he goes on the run. ("Winner")

Season 6[]

After the failed assassination attempt on Lalo Salamanca, Mike assigns Thomas to tail Kim Wexler in case Lalo attempts to make contact with either her or her husband, Jimmy McGill. During this surveillance, Wendy, a prostitute involved in Jimmy and Kim’s latest scam, notices Thomas and assumes he is an undercover cop staking her out. While driving away, Kim begins to realize that Thomas is instead following her, causing Thomas and his partner to drive away. Following her to the El Camino Diner, Kim notices them once again, this time directly confronting Thomas and his partner about their behavior. Questioning whether they were Albuquerque Police Department members, Kim threatens to report them if they do not identify themselves. Refusing to identify themselves, the driver apologizes as he and Thomas drive off. ("Hit and Run")


Better Call Saul[]

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