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There's no refunds, asshole.
― Bearded Coyote[src]

The two coyotes are a duo of human traffickers that smuggle immigrants.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Lalo Salamanca is riding in the back of a pickup truck near the U.S.-Mexico border. He is dropped off at a location where a group of undocumented immigrants are being loaded into the hidden compartment of a hay truck. Before he climbs in, Lalo takes his cell phone and makes a call to the Casa Tranquila Nursing Home, asking to speak to his uncle. Lalo informs Hector that he survived the attack on the compound, that Gus was behind it, and that Lalo plans on returning to Albuquerque to exact revenge. Using his bell to communicate, Hector asks whether Lalo can provide proof of his accusations; Lalo realizes that he knows exactly where to find it.

Deciding not to cross the border in the hay truck, Lalo demands his money back from the two human traffickers handling the immigrants. When they refuse, they are brought down with gunfire, albeit off-screen. Lalo leaves the immigrants unharmed, steals a truck belonging to one of the traffickers, and drives in the opposite direction of the border. ("Wine and Roses")


Better Call Saul[]

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