A cropped screenshot from "Bit by a Dead Bee".

Throughout Breaking Bad, one particular painting has made numerous appearances in Walter White's life, first and foremost, in Walter's hospital room after his staged fugue state. ("Bit by a Dead Bee") The painting depicts a man in a boat paddling away toward a ship while, presumably, his wife and children wave goodbye.

Later, the painting is seen in the motel room where Walt discusses with Jack Welker his plan to kill nine of Mike and Gus' men in jail. While Jack explains how difficult his request would be, Walt abruptly changes the conversation when he spots the painting on the wall, asking Jack if there must be a warehouse full of the identical paintings somewhere. "Gliding Over All"

The painting can be interpreted as visualizing Walt's own growing alienation from his family and loved ones.


The painting seen in a promotional image for "Gliding Over All"

The painting was commissioned specifically for the filming of Breaking Bad. It is meant to resemble the artwork of American painter Winslow Homer, some of whose most famous works include The Gulf Stream, which features a similar raft in the Gulf of Mexico.

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