"The Guy For This" is the third episode of the fifth season of Better Call Saul and the forty-third episode of the series altogether.



In a prolonged opening sequences, ants begin to consume Jimmy's fallen ice cream that he dropped on the sidewalk as he was grabbed by Nacho and Blingy.

Act I

Jimmy is driven to Lalo's garage and is brought before Lalo himself. Lalo states that he is impressed how Jimmy used his communication skills to talk Tuco out of killing the skateboards a few years previously. Lalo now wants Jimmy to hand over instructions to Krazy-8 in the Metropolitan Detention Center under the protection of the attorney-client privilege. Jimmy tries to talk himself out of the imposed job by mentioning increased rates, but Lalo hands him over the demanded fee in cash on the spot.

At the bar where he and Werner commiserated, Mike is knocking back drink after drink. The bartender, concerned, offers to call Mike a cab so he isn't driving home drunk. As Mike surrenders his keys, he notices a photograph of the Sydney Opera House on the wall behind the counter and demands for the picture to be taken down, remembering what Werner said about his father working on the project.

As Mike walks home, he passes by a group gang members. The thugs get the idea to try to mug Mike. One of them decides to attack him, but Mike swiftly throws him to the ground and breaks his arm, scaring the others into backing off.

Act II

Jimmy returns home to Kim, who is waiting for him on their balcony. They knock back drinks as they talk about what has been going on in their lives. Kim is ecstatic, as tomorrow, her schedule is completely packed with her pro bono casework instead of Mesa Verde work.

Meanwhile, Nacho receives an unexpected visit at his house from his father Manuel. Manuel tells him that he refused an offer to buy his upholstery shop, and that he suspects Nacho of secretly being behind the offer. Manuel tells him that he will stand his ground and not hide from danger, unlike Nacho who shows signs of wanting to flee and possibly change his identity.

In court, a judge rules against Kim on one of her pro bono cases, although she reassures her client and her family that they stand a good chance of winning at trial. She's interrupted by her assistant, who tells her that Rich urgently wants to talk to her. Rich isn't pleased that Kim is blowing off her Mesa Verde work to focus on her criminal cases, and demands she cancel the rest of her meetings to help Mesa Verde in a land dispute in Tucumcari.

Jimmy goes to the MDC, where a shackled Krazy-8 is brought before him. Krazy-8 is perplexed as he never hired Jimmy, though his demeanor changes when Jimmy reveals that Lalo hired him. Krazy-8 insists he hasn't said anything incriminating to the police about where the drugs come from. Jimmy asks if he's good at memorizing information and shows him a sheet of paper with a written script.


Jimmy waits across the street from the MDC, waiting for someone to show up. As he's finishing his coffee, DEA agents Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez pull up in an unmarked police car and enter the jail. Inside, they meet in an interrogation room with Krazy-8, who has shown willingness to talk. Krazy-8 seems to follow Lalo's script by explaining more about dealing procedures and where drug related money can be found. Playing his part, Jimmy loudly enters the room and pretends having a disagreement with his client about sharing information with the police.

Hank and Gomez are suspicious of the overblown acting and attempt to leave the room. Jimmy holds them back by stressing that the information of his client will lead to results. Hank replies by insisting that the information has to lead to further arrests. Jimmy demands protection for his client as a confidential informant. Agreeing on that, Krazy-8 continues by sharing the exact locations of three dead drops.

Act IV

In Tucumcari, Kim meets Paige on a plot of land where Mesa Verde plans to build a call center. Everett Acker, the last remaining homeowner in what used to be a residential neighborhood, is stubbornly refusing to sell. Meeting with Acker outside his house, Kim pragmatically outlines the situation but also tries to empathize with his point of view. She informs him that Mesa Verde has raised the (in 1974) contractually agreed sum for buying him out. However, Acker refuses the new offer, describing her arrival as merely a tactical move by Mesa Verde and insisting that no one will ever get him to leave behind his house. When Acker calls out Kim on moral grounds, she angrily tells him to stick to the law like his neighbors, who sold their homes, have done. Even though Paige thinks Kim has brought the dispute to an end, Kim isn't pleased with the situation.

Jimmy and Nacho meet with Lalo at an outlying location. Jimmy informs Lalo that their plan worked, with Krazy-8 becoming a confidential informant. Knowing that his actions at the MDC turned the DEA's attention towards a competing drug cartel, Jimmy unsuccessfully tries to avoid taking further jobs as Lalo's lawyer. When he asks Nacho in what he has gotten himself into, Nacho tells him that he doesn't want to know and there's no way back for him.

Kim drives back from Tucumcari while being updated on her pro bono cases via phone. She decides to turn around and visits Acker's house in the dark. Speaking with Acker again, she explains that she doesn't know how Acker feels since she has never owned a house herself. She further tells him about her childhood, during which her mother often couldn't pay rent and forced the family to move from one place to another. Acker accused Kim of making up her story in order to cajole him into selling his land.

At a power plant, Nacho meets with Gus and Tyrus and informs them about Krazy 8 turning snitch. Nacho withholds the names of Hank and Gomez, as they are in the lawyer's hands. Tyrus takes out his phone and prepares a call to shut down the dead drop sites, but Gus and Nacho stop him from going through, Nacho reasoning that Lalo will know someone talked if the DEA doesn't find the money at the dead drops.

When Kim returns home she joins Jimmy on their balcony. Frustrated by the events of the day, she starts to throw glass bottles on the courtyard. Jimmy copies her by doing the same.


  • This episode is the second collaboration of director Michael Morris and writer Ann Cherkis on Better Call Saul. They previously worked together on season 4 episode "Quite a Ride".
  • This episode marks the earliest chronological appearance of Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez, who first appeared in Breaking Bad's "Pilot".
  • When we first see Lalo in this episode he is working on a car singing "Al Compás De Mi Caballo" by Los Imperials. This was the same song that was playing when he debuted in "Coushatta".
  • As of this episode, with meeting Lalo, Jimmy has now met all the main characters in Better Call Saul.
  • Domingo is carefully examined by Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez (prior to interrogation) in the same intimidating “Lie Detector” manner as he once was by Tuco and Nacho in "Gloves Off". In addition, Hank is sitting on the exact same side of the table and bearing the same deadly suspicious look at Krazy-8, as Tuco previously had done.
  • Jimmy's previous troubles with Nacho Varga in "Nacho" are mentioned during his conversation with Lalo as well as his encounter with Tuco Salamanca in "Mijo".
  • This episode shows the beginning of Krazy-8's work as a snitch for the DEA, which led to the bust of Jesse Pinkman and Emilio Koyama's operation in "Pilot" and reveals that it was started at the behest of Lalo Salamanca. The discussion between Lalo, Jimmy and Nacho indicates that at least some of his subsequent work as a snitch was at the behest of Lalo as well.
  • In the living room of Nacho's house is a gigantic cartoon board depicting a speeding car with a big onomatopoeia "Vroooom". This painting recalls Jesse's escape at the end of Breaking Bad and represents Nacho's intention to flee.




  • Mimi Fletcher as Myrna
  • Darryl W Handy as Mike's Bartender
  • La'Charles Trask as Chatty Tough
  • Joshua Horton as Injured Tough
  • Michael Morford as Big Tough


  • TBA

Featured Music

  • "Al Compás De Mi Caballo" by Los Imperials

Memorable Quotes

"You're the guy for this."

― Lalo to Jimmy about his new job as Domingo's lawyer


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