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The Grove is a cafe and restaurant where Lydia often met Walter and Todd at 10am on Tuesday mornings. Lydia always ordered chamomile tea, using stevia to sweeten it.


Season 5[]

Walter met Lydia here after Mike's disappearance to ask her for the names of Mike's "nine guys" so he could arrange their deaths. Lydia acquiesced on the condition that Walt join her venture in selling Blue Sky to her clients in the Czech Republic. ("Gliding Over All")

Walt was later shown meeting Lydia in the café again to exchange money for meth. ("Gliding Over All")

Todd met Lydia after intimidating Skyler in her home and assured Lydia that she did not need to be killed. He explained to her that the quality of the meth that he and Jack Welker's Gang had been able to produce had risen to 92% purity. ("Granite State")

After returning from hiding in New Hampshire, Walter interrupted a meeting between Todd and Lydia at The Grove to pitch a new meth production process to them for the price of $1,000,000. The three agree that Jack should meet Walter that evening. It was revealed later that Walter took advantage of this meeting to poison the stevia Lydia used in her tea with ricin. ("Felina")


  • Known as The Grove Cafe & Market in full, this is a real business; however, unlike tableside ordering shown in the show, only counter service is available.

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