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Texas is a U.S. state that borders New Mexico to the east and south. It also forms the largest border between the U.S.-Mexico border.

Better Call Saul[]

Jimmy McGill begins an investigation to pursue litigation against the Sandpiper Crossing management company, which operates assisted-living facilities in several states including Texas. Jimmy travels to Amarillo to meet with retirees to sign onto the class action lawsuit. ("Amarillo")

Kim Wexler meets with a client, Billy Gatwood, who wants to expand his oil drilling operations across state lines into Texas. One of his existing fields straddles the border between New Mexico and Texas, running afoul of laws in both states. ("Fall")

Mike Ehrmantraut goes to Houston to meet with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, an executive at German conglomerate Madrigal Electromotive GmbH's Houston corporate office. ("Fall")

Kim and Jimmy meet with a regional branch manager of Mesa Verde Bank and Trust to discuss plans for a new building, and successfully con her into accepting design specifications to suit their own needs.

Jimmy travels through Texas on-route to Coushatta, Louisiana, Huell Babineaux's hometown, in order to garner fake interest in his assault case against a police officer. He rides a charter bus all the way from Albuquerque, collecting paid, fake testimonies along the way. ("Coushatta")

Breaking Bad[]

Hank Schrader receives a promotion to work at the DEA's office in El Paso. However almost immediately after getting there, while on a field operation across the border in Ciudad Juarez a Mexican federal police officer is killed and several DEA agents severely wounded. Hank comes back to the Albuquerque office and develops post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ("Negro y Azul")

Later, Steven Gomez is sent to El Paso. ("Green Light")

Behind the Scenes[]

  • All the scenes that take place in Texas were filmed in New Mexico.