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The Taurus Raging Judge is a revolver designed for both shotshells and, in this case, solid .454 Casull rounds. The one seen in Better Call Saul is a snub-nose with a 5-round cylinder.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

When Jimmy McGill arrives at his Abuelita's home looking for Cal and Lars Lindholm, Tuco Salamanca retrieves the gun from where he has hidden it atop a dining room hutch and drags Jimmy. into the house at gunpoint. Tuco makes sure to hide the gun from Abuelita while she is in the room, but Jimmy eventually succeeds in convincing Tuco to release the brothers. However, after they reveal that Jimmy is behind their scam, Tuco turns the gun back on Jimmy and drags the three out into the desert. ("Uno",  "Mijo")

Season 2[]

When Mike and Tuco get into a scuffle, Tuco attempts to pull his Raging Judge on Mike, but the latter disarms him. Mike later tells Nacho Varga that the presence of the gun will help to ensure that Tuco will go to prison for five to ten years. ("Gloves Off")

Hector Salamanca later offers Mike $5,000 to claim that the gun was his so as to reduce Tuco's charges considerably, stating that while Tuco deserves to go to jail, the gun means that he will be going away for at least eight years. Although Mike would then be subject to the gun charges, Hector points out that the prosecutors tend to go easy on ex-cops. Without the gun, Tuco will only go to prison for battery. ("Rebecca")

Mike ultimately refuses the deal, causing Hector to pressure Mike by sending Arturo Colon and another henchman to break into his house and the Cousins to threaten his granddaughter. Finally, Mike agrees to claim that the gun is his if Hector will pay him $50,000, a deal that Hector ultimately agrees to. ("Bali Ha'i")

With Jimmy McGill as his attorney, Mike makes his amended statement to assistant district attorney Suzanne Ericsen, although he only states that the gun wasn't Tuco's. Ericsen is dubious, pointing out that only Tuco's fingerprints were on the gun and another assistant DA correctly deduces that Mike has been threatened into changing his story and tells Mike that they want to put Tuco away for years and the gun makes all of the difference. Jimmy orders them to forget about the gun, stating that if it's introduced into evidence, Mike will make himself available to the defense to "set the record straight, categorically and unequivocally." After Ericsen asks if Mike was threatened or paid off, Jimmy ends the interview. ("Inflatable")