Walt receives a TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph from Jesse on his birthday.

The TAG Heuer Monaco is a watch that makes an appearance in Breaking Bad. It was first introduced by Heuer in 1969 in honor of the Monaco Grand Prix. Heuer claimed the Monaco chronograph to be "the world's first automatic chronograph." It was worn by Steve McQueen's character, Michael Delaney, in the 1971 film Le Mans.


Season 5

Jesse Pinkman gives Walter White a TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph watch as a birthday present. Walter later shows the watch to Skyler White, saying that the person who gave it to him once tried to kill him and therefore it's evidence that Skyler will change her mind about him, too. Walt then goes to sleep, and the scene closes with a close-up on the watch ticking, indicating that Walt's time is coming to an end ("Fifty-One").

During the prison assassinations, Walt walks around his living room while counting the time for Jack's call to confirm that the job was successfully done ("Gliding Over All").

After making the call to get Schwarz's address, Walt leaves his watch on top of the payphone ("Felina").


  • Vince Gilligan admits that leaving the watch on top of the payphone was about continuity – Walt was not wearing it during the flashforward in episode "Live Free or Die".
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