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Sweet Liberty Tax Services is the business Craig and Betsy Kettleman opened in the aftermath of Craig's arrest.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

In the midst of their plan to take down Howard Hamlin, Kim asks Jimmy to meet up with the Kettlemans at their small business "Sweet Liberty Tax Services". Jimmy arrives at the location, marveling at an inflatable Statue of Liberty outside before walking in. As Betsy Kettleman finishes up with one of her customers, Jimmy walks in. After the customer leaves, Betsy threatens Jimmy to leave, but Jimmy doesn't seem too phased, telling Betsy that he has a "golden opportunity" for her. Betsy ignores him, calling Craig over to intervene. Instead of Craig throwing Jimmy out, he seems quite pleasant, catching up with Jimmy. Diverting the conversation, Betsy throws Jimmy outside, explaining to him how hard their lives had been after Jimmy's trick to arrest Craig.

Jimmy tells them that they can get their lives back by getting exonerated, and that he has the grounds for a big civil suit that will do just that. Hesitantly, the Kettlemans agree, but after Jimmy waves some Letters of Engagement around, they turn Jimmy down on his offer. Just before Jimmy leaves, though, the Kettlemans change their minds and sign the papers, ready to hear about Jimmy's case. Jimmy tells the Kettleman's a lie about how their attorney, Howard, was on cocaine during their embezzlement case and that he was "impaired". The Kettlemans walk off with this information, though, saying they won't hire Jimmy as a lawyer.

A few days later, Kim and Jimmy arrive at Sweet Liberty, prepared with a bribe. Inside, The Kettlemans call out Jimmy on his suit, realizing it was all a trick to character assassinate Howard. To get exonerated, they ask Jimmy to help them and if he doesn't, they would tell Howard. Kim cuts the conversation short, calling an IRS friend to shut down their business for giving fake returns to their customers. The Kettlemans beg for Kim to not go along with it, but Kim gives an ultimateum: refund all the customers they scammed, and to not tell Howard. Kim and Jimmy leave. ("Carrot and Stick")


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