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There is no negotiation here, Kim. And honestly, I don't understand why you want anything to do with this. On one side, I've got a decorated police officer doing his job. On the other, you have a professional thief who threw him to the ground. And their only witness is a scumbag, disbarred lawyer who peddles drop phones to criminals.
― Suzanne arguing with Kim over Huell Babineaux's crime and insulting Jimmy.[src]

Suzanne Ericsen is an assistant district attorney of Bernalillo County.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 2[]

Suzanne and her partner meet with Mike and Jimmy in the district attorney's office. Mike delivers the amended statement that Hector had requested him to make. However, Suzanne questions why Mike is doing so, explaining that only Tuco's prints were on the gun and not Mike's. Jimmy provides a dodgy answer, leading Suzanne to conclude that Mike has been threatened into changing his story. When Suzanne's partner continues to press this, Jimmy fakes outrage and promises to make Mike available for the defense before escorting his client out. ("Inflatable")

Season 4[]

Kim approaches Suzanne, seeking to reduce the charges against Huell down to a misdemeanor. Arguing that the sentence Ericsen is seeking is excessive, Kim confronts her with the fact that she prosecuted five other people charged with assaulting police officers—some of which were more violent in nature than Huell's crime—and didn't seek the kind of jailtime she is trying to get for Huell. Ericsen refuses on the grounds that Huell is a repeat offender and won't negotiate with Kim, dismissing her witness, Jimmy, as a "scumbag disbarred lawyer." Kim tells her she does not know the whole story and leaves. ("Something Stupid")

Accompanied by three of her associates, Kim provides Ericsen with a counteroffer in exchange for a plea to a misdemeanor along with a slew of motions. However, Ericsen continues to insist on going to trial and is given dozens of letters by Judge Musingler sent in support of Huell and is ordered to settle things with Kim. Instead, Ericsen starts going through the letters and contacting the people in them with the help of her associates. Unknown to Ericsen, the numbers go to burner phones set up by Jimmy McGill who has someone impersonating a person from Huell's church waiting on the other end. When she attempts to contact the pastor, she gets Jimmy himself and asks about Huell. Jimmy fabricates a story for Ericsen about how Huell is a hero to the people of Coushatta before ending the call. Afterwards, Ericsen enters a meeting with Kim and makes a favorable deal with her. ("Coushatta")

Season 5[]

Shortly after his law license reinstatement, Jimmy takes on many more clients. He attempts to make a few plea deals with Ericsen but she avoids him in the courthouse hallways. However, a few days later they are in an elevator together when the the elevator apparently breaks down. Ericsen finds herself stuck in the elevator with Jimmy and immediately uses the emergency intercom to call for help. While looking at a case file, she is quickly distracted by Jimmy practicing a statement for a court hearing and she berates him. Even when she asks him to practice silently, he still ends up talking out loud. Annoyed, she interrupts him and asks for one of the cases that both of them are on. When she is surprised that he immediately agrees to a plea deal, Jimmy brings up more cases and they are able to make several deals in the few minutes before the elevator starts again. After they leave the elevator, it is revealed that Jimmy bribed the elevator serviceman to cause it to malfunction. ("50% Off")

Season 6[]

At the courthouse, Kim notified Ericsen about new information regarding the Caldwell case, Ericsen says it's a six years old out-of-state misdemeanor arrest report on the client which have a small chance of ever willing to prospect the case. She asked Kim about giving the case to her, Kim says she discovered it and supposed to turn it over besides the fact they are going to beat Ericsen on the merits. Once Kim leaves, Ericsen stops her and asks for advice.

At her office, Ericsen shows Kim the arrest report for "Jorge de Guzman", a.k.a. Lalo Salamanca, a Mexican drug trafficker who secured $7 million with Jimmy's help, jumped bail, and died in a gunfight at his compound. Mentioning his past associations with both Nacho Varga and Tuco Salamanca, Ericsen outlines ADA Gina Khalil's suspicion that Jimmy knew Lalo's true identity and is working as a "cartel lawyer". Ericsen believes that Jimmy was deceived into representing Lalo, which would nullify their attorney-client privilege and allow her to question him about the Salamanca operation in Albuquerque. Kim pointedly refers to Jimmy as "Saul" and recalls how Ericsen once referred to him as a "scumbag". Ericsen states that, while they had their differences in the past, she still believes that Jimmy wants to do what is right. ("Rock and Hard Place")

After Breaking Bad[]

Suzanne is visible standing behind SAC Ramey during a press conference about the events at the White Supremacist Compound and the search for Jesse Pinkman as a person of interest in the case. ("El Camino")

After Saul Goodman is arrested, Suzanne calls Kim Wexler unofficially and reveals both Saul's arrest and that he is going to give testimony that affects Kim. ("Saul Gone")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • Ericsen appears in a parody episode of the CNBC true crime documentary series American Greed, commenting on Jimmy's role in aiding Lalo Salamanca and Walter White, and on his relationship with Kim Wexler.