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The Structural Engineer is an French engineer who was recruited but ultimately not selected for the construction of the Superlab.


Season 4[]

In Denver, the structural engineer steps off an airport shuttle and approaches a rental car assigned to him on a slip of paper. Inside the car, he finds a cell phone and receives a call from Mike, who proceeds to give him directions to a wooded area in the Colorado Rockies. The structural engineer stops at a mile marker and receives another call from Mike, who instructs him to don a hood found in the trunk and wait next to the road. Mike and a cohort, Nick, put the Frenchman in the back of a windowless van and drive hundreds of miles to Albuquerque. The structural engineer finds himself at Lavandería Brillante, where he quickly conducts measurements of the building's interior for the excavation of a new basement. He confidently concludes that he can do it in the span of at least six months, more time than a tunnel he once dug under the U.S.-Mexico border. Mike points out that the project must be done in total secrecy and questions him about the possibility of blasting rock. The engineer claims that the geologist's report was thorough and with modern methods blasting is ultimately unnecessary. Mike does not seem pleased with his overconfidence and after receiving a short phone call, Mike thanks the Frenchman for his time and unceremoniously drives him back to his car in the Rockies with a return plane ticket in his breast pocket. ("Quite a Ride")

Although it is not clear why he was not selected for the job, his prior border tunnel project indicates an existing relationship with a Mexican drug cartel, which means he may not be trusted to build a facility that would compete with the cartel for producing meth. The fact he revealed that he did such a project also likely means he could not be trusted to keep the lab a secret in the future.

Ultimately the project is given to German engineer Werner Ziegler after he conducts more thorough measurements of the facility and devises ways to support the existing structure and machinery working in complete secrecy underground, which the French engineer did not take into consideration. Unlike the Frenchman, Ziegler points out that they will surely hit rock while digging deep which will require blasting and that the project is extremely difficult and dangerous.


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