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Stef Carvaines is a lawyer at Schweikart & Cokely, part of the Banking Division formerly led by Kim Wexler.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

Stef and Gary are present at the party organized by Schweikart & Cokely and Kim takes the opportunity to introduce these two members of his team to Jimmy. Both are amused by Jimmy doing the show, much to Richard's displeasure and Kim's embarrassment. ("Something Stupid")

Stef is part of the team of lawyers who accompany Kim at her meeting with Suzanne Ericsen about Huell's case. Kim's associates files several motions to collect evidence corroborating Huell's version of events, signaling that they are willing to begin civil rights litigation on Huell's behalf. ("Coushatta")

Season 5[]

Stef approaches Kim in the Bernalillo County Courthouse, requesting her help in resolving an issue with Mesa Verde's Tucumcari branch, which Kim refuses. ("The Guy For This")

When Jimmy asks what Kim would do with the Sandpiper Settlement money they would earn, she said she would hire Stef to open a law office to give affordable representation to people in the community, implying that the two were quite close. ("Something Unforgivable")


Better Call Saul[]

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