"Something Beautiful" is the third episode of the fourth season of Better Call Saul and the thirty-third episode of the series altogether.



On a desert road, Victor lays down a spike strip and drives Arturo's car over it, shredding the tires. Tyrus follows in an SUV, planting shell casings along the road. Nacho, who is with Tyrus, watches as the two men remove Arturo's body from his trunk, place it in the driver's seat of his car, then shoot up the vehicle. Nacho is then forced to get in the vehicle, where Victor shoots him in the shoulder. After Nacho exits the car, Victor comes up behind him and shoots him in the gut, which Tyrus says is needed to "make it look real." Arturo's death has been staged as an ambush, with Nacho as a witness. As Nacho lies writhing on the ground, Tyrus leaves him a cell phone to call for help.

Act I

BCS 403 04

At Loyola's, Jimmy meets with Mike and details his latest scheme: he wants Mike to break into Neff Copiers, steal Mr. Neff's valuable Hummel figurine, and replace it with a near-identical knockoff, after which Jimmy and Mike will split the illicit proceeds when they sell the original. Mike passes on this opportunity for "easy money", saying that this job isn't for him or for Jimmy. Seeing the heart of the matter, Mike offers his condolences over Chuck's death. Disappointed, Jimmy leaves the diner. Outside, he phones Caldera's Veterinary Office.

BCS 403 05

The Cousins arrive at the scene of the staged shooting and examine clues. They find Nacho's blood trail and follow it to Nacho himself, who is weak from blood loss and exposure. Inside their own vehicle, the Cousins examine Nacho's wounds and ask about the shooters, who Nacho claims drove a silver Pontiac Firebird. The Cousins set Arturo's car on fire before they drive away with Nacho.

Act II

BCS 403 06

Kim returns to work at Mesa Verde with a new paralegal, Viola Goto. During a meeting with Paige discussing Mesa Verde's pending acquisitions, Kevin enters the room. Kevin greets Kim, offers his condolences about Chuck, and asks how Jimmy is handling his death. Kim claims that he's "getting through it." She is then shown a room with architectural models of Mesa Verde's planned branches and realizes that the bank is expanding much further than she may be able to handle. In the lobby, Kim feels overwhelmed by her task ahead and asks Viola to get started on the new Mesa Verde filings instead of her. She further asks to be driven to the courthouse instead of home.

At Caldera's office, a frustrated Jimmy waits for Caldera to finish a cell phone call in an adjacent room. Jimmy barges into the room and is told that Caldera's contact is not interested in his job. Despite Caldera's protests, Jimmy breaks protocol by taking the phone and talking to the contact directly, managing to set up a meeting. He leaves Caldera's office with his goldfish and passes Leonel Salamanca as he walks out the door.


BCS 403 07

The Cousins enlist Caldera into stitching up a delirious Nacho, driving the both of them to an undisclosed location. After the procedure, Nacho wakes up to find that Caldera has set up a blood transfusion between him and Marco. Caldera informs Nacho that he had to leave the bullet in his shoulder, advises him to visit doctors with imaging equipment, and gives him instructions on properly healing his injuries. He further tells Nacho that he never wants to see him again, as he doesn't want to get caught up in the business of the cartel.

BCS 403 08

That night, Jimmy's contact, Ira, uses a credit card to bridge the door alarm at Neff Copiers and sneak inside Mr. Neff's office. There, he manages to switch the Hummel figurines but is surprised when he sees a disheveled Mr. Neff leaving an adjacent bathroom and crashing on the couch. While Ira is hiding underneath Mr. Neff's desk, he watches as Mr. Neff drinks scotch, argues with his wife over the phone, and calls to order pizza and dipping sticks. Ira phones Jimmy to explain the situation, asking to come pick him up.

Act IV

BCS 403 09

Ira continues hiding under the desk while Mr. Neff eats pizza, plays solitaire, and listens to a self-help CD. Both men hear a car alarm go off outside, which Mr. Neff realizes is coming from his vehicle. He steps outside the store to deactivate the car alarm, but Ira is not able to leave the office. Outside, Jimmy tries to use a clothes hanger to break into Mr. Neff's car, again tripping the car alarm. Mr. Neff, now irritated, leaves his office again and sees his car sliding backwards through the parking garage. As he chases after it, Ira is able to leave the store. In an alley nearby, Ira compliments Jimmy on the trick he pulled with the car.

BCS 403 11

The following day, Gus gets a call from Juan Bolsa informing him of the apparent attack on Arturo and Nacho. Noting the similarities to the hits on Hector's trucks, Gus and Bolsa agree to run dummy loads over the border until the culprits are identified. When Gus tells him that no more than a week's supply of product is left, Bolsa orders him to go ignore edicts from Don Eladio and find a supplier north of the border. After ending the call, Gus walks into a college chemistry lab, where he meets with Gale Boetticher. Gale presents Gus with samples of crystal meth, which he labels "dreck" because of their impurity, and asks for an opportunity to produce higher-grade samples himself. Gus refuses for the time being, telling Gale he is meant for "better things."

BCS 403 12

At Kim's apartment, she validates Viola's filings when Jimmy wakes up late. After Viola leaves, Kim approaches Jimmy with some documents from her meeting with Howard, namely a release stating that Jimmy agrees to not contest his $5,000 inheritance from Chuck and Chuck's unopened personal letter. Jimmy opens and reads the letter, in which Chuck, writing before the events of the series, expresses approval of Jimmy for turning his life around by working in the HHM mailroom and says he is proud of Jimmy as a brother. Jimmy – recalling his last conversation with Chuck – does not seem emotionally affected by the letter, but Kim breaks down crying and leaves the room.

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Featured Music

  • "The Cousins" by Dave Porter (when the Cousins inspect the scene of the staged shooting)
  • "The Elements" by Tom Lehrer (Music By Sir Arthur Sullivan)

Memorable Quotes

"I have one question for you: do you shit gold? It's a simple "yes" or "no." Do - you - shit - gold? (inaudible response) No? All right, then. Because unless you currently have a large gold nugget traversing your colon, this is the easiest money you'll ever gonna make."
―Saul motivating Ira to accept the job.

"Listen, I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, but..."
―Saul to Caldera.

"Now understand this: After I walk out here, I never wanna see you again. Never. This cartel shit is too hot for me. You got it?"
―Caldera to Nacho.

Gus: "Someones knows our business."
Bolsa: "Possibly. It resembled the attack on Hector's truck a few months ago. And they knew the Salamanca men were heavy."
Gus: "Don Juan, we are about to run another shipment. If you think we're compromised..."
Bolsa: "Run dummy loads. We'll see what we see. No product crosses until we're certain."
Gus: "I'll take care of it."
Bolsa: "How long before our dealers run dry?"
Gus: "No more than a week."
Bolsa: "This is a problem. Find a local supplier on your side of the border. Cut a deal."
Gus: "Don Juan, with all due respect, Don Eladio forbids buying from outsiders. He's been very clear."
Bolsa: "Let me worry about Eladio. Do it. Now."
―Gus and Bolsa after the attack on Arturo and Nacho.

Gale: "Oh, I tested your samples. They range from 39 percent to 58 percent pure. Except this one, which hovers around 67. Top of the glass, so to speak. You should tell the chemist to check his or her cookware. It's introducing contamination, which would be easy to avoid."
Gus: "Well, thank you very much, Gale. That's very useful information. Well, I should let you get back to your work."
Gale: "Mr. Fring. I don't want to cast aspersions, but I have to tell you, these samples aren't great. In fact, they're-- They're not even good. Basically, they're dreck. I could do -much- better."
Gus: "Gale--"
Gale: "Much-higher-grade. I could make a kilo or more right here, no one would know. It wouldn't take more than a few days."
Gus: "I wouln't want to interfere with your studies."
Gale: "These are my studies. Please, it's the least I can do. I wouldn't let you down."
Gus: "I'm certain that you wouldn't. But I'm afraid I can't allow it. Not yet. You were meant for better things. I'll see you soon, Gale."
―Gale and Gus about the purity of meth samples that Gus asked Gale to check.