"Hey, man, I'm slingin' mad volume and fat stackin' benjis, you know what I'm sayin'? I can't be all about, like, spelling and shit!"
―Skinny Pete to Jesse.[src]

"Skinny" Pete is one of Jesse Pinkman's longtime friends and a former drug runner of his.


Season 1

Skinny Pete served time in prison with Tuco Salamanca and later introduced Jesse to the drug dealer. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")

Season 2

Jesse later recruited Skinny Pete to deal his Blue Sky meth, although Pete was on probation. He was mugged by two addicts, Spooge and his lady, forcing Jesse to get the money and product back. ("Breakage")

After Badger was nearly arrested and Combo was killed, Pete quit dealing for Jesse, fearing his going back to prison and his own safety. ("Better Call Saul",  "Mandala")

Season 3

Skinny Pete began attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings with Jesse and Badger to sell meth to the recovering drug addicts. He stopped selling when the NA meetings worked on him and he sobered up. When Jesse asks why he is still attending meetings, he replies "I'm on like Step Five!" ("Abiquiú")

Season 4

Skinny Pete broke the twelve step process by using crystal meth at Jesse's house while Jesse was recovering from his own emotional agony. ("Thirty-Eight Snub")

Season 5

Pete and Badger purchased rolling equipment boxes from a musical supply store for Jesse and Walter White to use in their new Vamonos Pest meth scheme. ("Hazard Pay") Badger makes a new Star Trek script with Skinny Pete, and they both excitedly talk about it, while Jesse is in a chair, depressed.

Pete and Badger helped Walt trick Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz into believing he'd hired hitmen to track them, by using laser pointers as fake sights, and make sure they give Walt Jr. his remaing money. ("Felina")


Skinny Pete: "What do you think all those sparkles and shit are? Transporters are breaking you apart right down to your molecules and bones. They're makin' a copy. That dude who comes out on the other side? He's not you. He's a color Xerox."
Badger: "So you're telling me every time Kirk went into the transport he was killing himself? So over the whole series, there was, like, 147 Kirks?"
Skinny Pete: "At least. Dude, no, why do you think McCoy never liked to beam nowhere? 'Cause he's a doctor, bitch! Look it up, it's science!"
―Skinny Pete and Badger having one of their usual conversations.[src]


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  • Skinny Pete may be borderline illiterate, as he is seen spelling "street" wrong and having trouble reading his own writing. ("Peekaboo") However, he's surprisingly articulate compared to his friends and shows signs of an impressive intellect at times.
  • Charles Baker is talented at the piano, the writer wrote in a scene of Skinny Pete playing "Solfeggietto" by C. P. E. Bach on the keyboard flawlessly to demonstrate this. ("Hazard Pay")
  • Skinny Pete is one of three characters (along with Badger and Steven Gomez) to appear in all five seasons, despite not being main cast members.
    • He and Badger are the only two supporting cast members to appear in and survive all five seasons.
  • Skinny Pete is one of the few characters whose last name remains unknown.
  • Skinny Pete drives a 1972 Ford Thunderbird.
  • Skinny Pete's father is most likely a contractor as Skinny Pete mentioned him and his profession when he offered to fix Jesse's ceiling. ("Cancer Man")