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Simon Drobik is an actor and Albuquerque Police Department spokeman.

He plays the officer coming to arrest Jimmy McGill in "Sunk Costs" and one of the two police officers summoned by Ed Galbraith to Best Quality Vacuum after Jesse comes to get his identity changed in "El Camino".

Although not credited, he appears among the responding New Hampshire officers to arrest Walter White ("Granite State").


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In real life, Drobik is a spokesperson for the Albuquerque Police Department. Drobik, who has spent 20 years with the department, served as a police tech adviser for El Camino, as he has for Better Call Saul.

In an interview with The Ringer, Drobik says he does everything on set from train actors on proper handcuffing technique e.g. "Mabel", he showed the actors playing police officers how to do the combat stack, handcuffing the woebegone shoplifter reported by Jimmy McGill with his hands overhead—an easier move for newbies to master than the traditional compliant handcuffing position, since sleeves are less likely to get in the way) to advising Vince Gilligan himself on how officers would search a home after a warrant service.

Those latter lessons guided the El Camino scene in which Jesse tears apart Todd’s apartment, looking for his hidden cash—though Drobik stresses that unlike Jesse, who shreds walls and pillows alike, police officers are not allowed to damage a person’s belongings unless they have specific information that points to something in particular.

Drobik is currently one of six actors to appear in Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, and El Camino (albeit as unrelated characters), sharing this honor with Jonathan Banks, Todd Terry, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Robert Forster.