Shirley Hartland is a clerk at the Department of Building Safety at the city hall of Lubbock, Texas.


Season 4

Kim -- walking on crutches -- visits the Department of Building Safety. There, she tells Shirley that she may have presented a submission with out-of-date conference room dimensions for Mesa Verde's Lubbock branch, having brought along updated blueprints. While comparing two blueprints before them, Kim falsely tells Shirley that she has an eight month old child whom she's been raising alone with some help from her brother. After Kim and Shirley find that the dimensions on the blueprints are the same, Jimmy -- posing as the brother -- walks into the room. The two pretend that Jimmy has left Kim's "son" in a car outside, prompting the two to go outside and leave Shirley behind. As they do so, Jimmy places a leaking bag of milk on the official blueprint. When Kim comes back, she feigns a panicked reaction upon finding that the blueprint has been ruined by the milk. However, Shirley proposes exchanging the official blueprint with Kim's, since both are identical, and trades them out. Kim switches out her blueprint for a different copy hidden in the same container and gives it to Shirley, who puts official stamps on it while Kim watches. ("Coushatta")


Better Call Saul

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