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Sherry: "Mr. McGill?"
Jimmy: "Oh... no, I— I can't."
Sherry: "It's okay."
Jimmy: "That's yours, you earned it."
Sherry: "But, you're losing money."
Jimmy: "We'll see."
Sherry: "Okay..."
―Sherry attempts to return her day's pay to a forlorn Jimmy McGill[src]

Sherry, also known as Drama Girl, is a make-up artist and musical actress who works with Jimmy and his film crew as the make-up artist on Saul Goodman Productions. Like Marshall and Phil, she is a student at the College of Fine Arts in the University of New Mexico.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 2[]

Jimmy takes Sherry, Marshall, and Phil to a local elementary school. Once the students have gone inside from recess, they set up on the playground, with Sherry and her crew being positioned to film Jimmy standing in front of the flagpole. The shoot is interrupted when the school administrators come out, preparing to kick them out for trespassing. Jimmy manages to talk them down by convincing them that he's doing a documentary on a famous individual who went to the school, specifically Rupert Holmes. Though Sherry tries to protest that Holmes was actually from Britain, Jimmy is able to charm the administrators into acquiescing to his requests. ("Nailed")

Season 3[]

When Jimmy tells Sherry and her crew the news that the carpet store owners refused his offer to shoot a commercial, Sherry suggests that he could shoot a commercial for himself. They drive over to a TV station where they shoot an unrehearsed ad in front of antennas and satellite dishes. Concerned for his public image as a lawyer, Jimmy asks Sherry to star in the ad instead of him. She confesses that she is in her drama club as a treasurer and can't act. ("Off Brand")

Drama Girl giving Jimmy money

Sherry giving a dollar bill to Jimmy McGill.

After shooting a commercial for Duke City Recliners, Jimmy decides to keep most of the proceeds for himself because he paid for airtime out of his own pockets. Marshall protests and orders Jimmy divide it evenly, but Jimmy refuses. Next, they go to ABQ In Tune in yet another failed venture to make some money as the music store owners refuse to pay any amount for the commercial which Jimmy has to shoot for free (with a verbal agreement Jimmy gets paid for more commercials in the future) while still paying his interns. ("Expenses")

The next day, Jimmy returns asking for a down payment of $6500 from the ABQ In Tune owners to proceed with 7 more commercials who refuse despite the fact the commercial actually did bring in more customers. As retribution, Jimmy conducts a plan to feign a loose drumstick on the floor and makes Marshall record the incident, thus successfully forcing the owners to pay up. ("Slip")

Season 4[]

Jimmy hires Sherry and her crew to help him save Huell Babineaux. As part of this, Sherry, who has been taking some acting classes, poses as someone from Huell's church through Jimmy's burner phones and helps to trick ADA Suzanne Ericsen. After Jimmy poses as Huell's pastor in a similar phone call, he orders the group to stay and man the phones for the rest of the day, having paid them to work for him all day. ("Coushatta")

During the dedication of the Charles L. McGill Reading Room, Sherry works as a server and tells some high-priced lawyers that the "anonymous donor" is Jimmy and that she saw Jimmy write the check herself. ("Winner")

Season 5[]

Sherry as news reporter

Sherry posing as a TV reporter.

Sherry is present at the Courthouse when Bill Oakley is being ambushed by Sherry and her crew, when they pose as TV reporters who confront him over something he heard nothing about. ("Magic Man")

Jimmy presents Sherry and her crew with a project to edit an old Mesa Verde commercial at a nail salon; in which a young Kevin Wachtell and his father, Don Wachtell appear. He wants it to improve it the next day, so Sherry and her crew tries to improve with a green screen and hires some locals to shoot in the salon that night. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

Season 6[]

Sherry and her crew are hired again by Jimmy to take pictures of an actor posing as Rand Casimiro taking a bribe from Jimmy as part of his and Kim Wexler's con against Howard Hamlin. ("Axe and Grind")

When Sherry is tending to Lenny, she's portraying the Kira the Gelfling for a musical tribute to The Dark Crystal, but Marshall teases her as if she was a beloved character from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. ("Plan and Execution")


Better Call Saul[]

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