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The sexy neighbor is a woman who lived next door to Jesse Pinkman and Emilio Koyama's former meth lab.


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Season 1[]

Jesse escaped arrest in the DEA raid on the lab since he was with the woman at the time. As the raid took place, he escaped out of the window and the neighbor threw his clothes down to him. Walter White saw him and recognized Jesse's car's registration number. ("Pilot")


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  • She is the only female character to appear explicitly topless, as the "Pilot" was pitched by the producers to Premium TV networks like HBO, which are not subject to the same FCC censorship regulations as basic cable TV. Although several of the strippers in "Más" are topless, they have pasties obscuring their nipples.
  • "Sexy Neighbor" is how she is credited on the airing, in Pilot (2005 script) she is referred to as "HOUSEWIFE".