2x13 Wayfarer crash.png

"Seven Thirty-Seven", "Down", "Over" and "ABQ" are the titles of four episodes in season two. When the teasers are viewed in order, it depicts a black and white short film called 737 Down Over ABQ that acts as a flash forward to events taking place immediately following the season finale.

As teasers, they suggested a tragic event, possibly a meth related explosion at Walter White's house as authorities in hazmat outfits are seen collecting personal effects and placing them in evidence bags along other damaged items. Amongst the items are a pair of eyeglasses similar to Walter's. Adding to the illusion that a fire was involved, a scorched pink teddy bear, the main focus of each teaser, is the only item seen in color. An overhead shot of Walt's 2004 Pontiac Aztek with a damaged front windshield and emergency personnel in hazmat outfits close the zipper on a pair of white body bags. The shot pans upwards and fades into a full color wide shot depicting two large pillars of black smoke that are billowing in the distance behind Walt's house. The teasers actually depict the aftermath of the mid-air collision of a Boeing 737 commercial airliner, Wayfarer 515 and a chartered plane.

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