The fifth season of the American television drama series Better Call Saul was announced on July 28, 2018. It will consist of an unknown number of episodes, each running approximately 47 minutes in length, and will air February 23, 2020.. Although season 5 has not been officially revealed as the final season of the series, Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo Fring), has commented that "There will be six seasons." "It seems like that's the way, the comfortable way, to end the show."






  • Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly[1], Peter Gould teased what awaits us during Season 5:
    • About Saul Goodman: "It seems like Jimmy’s first move is to try to leverage all the contacts he has in the world of selling drop phones. But don’t forget, he also knows the vet, and the vet is sort of Craig’s List for the underworld in Albuquerque. So he can get quite far. The question is: how does he establish a reputation as not just a criminal lawyer but a criminal lawyer?"
    • About Gene Takovic: "He’s the opposite of Saul Goodman because he speaks so very little, he’s so afraid. But I’m fascinated by that situation and by the question of: is there still any chance of redemption?"
  • On April 7, 2019, Rhea Seehorn announced on Twitter[2] the start of the filming of season 5.
  • Interviewed by Vulture[3], AMC President Sarah Barnett has revealed that the fifth season won’t return until 2020.
  • Bronwen Hughes will direct the first episode of season 5. She previously directed episode 6 of season 1 of Breaking Bad.

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