The Schwartz Residence is the new home of Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz.


Season 5

Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz come home, all flirty with each other that they fail to spot Walt sitting half in shadow by the garden just waiting for their arrival. As the Schwartzes walk to the kitchen to prepare dinner, Walt closes the main door and follows them inside the house. Amused by the luxury, Walt analyzes some pictures on a counter as Gretchen walks into the living room and screams as she spots him. Elliott comes to her aid and Walt casually greets the couple and compliments their impressive new home. He tells them that he watched their interview on Charlie Rose and says that he has "something" for them in his car, asking them to help him unload it.

Minutes later, the three of them finish bringing the $9.72 million in cash from Walt's trunk and pile the last of it on the coffee table. Walt tells them exactly how much money there is and that the Schwartzes will give it to Walter Jr. on his 18th birthday in ten months time, set up as an irrevocable trust fund. After threatening them, he gives Elliott and Gretchen a "friendly" shoulder squeeze and tells them this is their chance to make things right. ("Felina")

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