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Schraderbräu is a homebrew beer lagered by Hank Schrader. It is purposed as a Märzen that measured at 13 SRM, 26 units of bitterness, and 6.2% alcohol by volume.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 2[]

Hank is sealing each filled Schraderbräu bottles with bottle caps in his garage after calling in sick the day he received a promotion to El Paso Intelligence Center, which disappoints his wife Marie Schrader. After she leaves, he accidentally cuts himself when a bottle he was sealing shatters.

Hank holding his beer brand

Hank holding a six-pack of Schraderbräu. ("ABQ")

At night, Hank immediately drew his gun in panic when he hears loud gunshot-like pops coming from inside the house. He opened the door to his garage to reveal it's actually the Schraderbräu bottles exploding due to over-carbonation. ("Breakage")

Hank offers a six-pack of the beer as a prize in a fundraiser for Walter White's cancer treatment. ("ABQ")

Season 5[]

A logo of Schraderbräu appears briefly while Hank is poring over evidence after he discovers Walt is Heisenberg. ("Blood Money")


Dean norris schraderbräu

Dean Norris holding a bottle of his newly released Schraderbräu.

  • Schraderbräu is actually a real life product. It was announced in March 2019 that Sony Pictures chose Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company to brew the beer, and it was officially released around the release of El Camino.[1]
  • There's a domain in real life called, which provides information and supplemental merchandise of the product.

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