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The Schrader Residence is the home of Marie and Hank Schrader.

A pueblo-style house in a neighborhood of pueblo-style houses, this residence is located at the end of a cul de sac, close to the Sandia Mountains. Hank brews his own beer, "Schraderbräu", in the garage, while Marie is often seen in the kitchen stirring numerous packets of Splenda into hot beverages. Hank used the house as a safe house to keep Jesse Pinkman off the radar.

The back porch offers breathtaking views of the valley below and the Sandia Mountains.


After the location of Jesse's confession tape is beaten out of Jesse Pinkman by Jack Welker and his gang, the gang breaks into the Schrader Residence and steals all the tapes. This is seen when a devestated Marie Schrader and SAC Austin Ramey alongside two other DEA agents arrives to the house, seeing the robbery, Austin Ramey and one DEA agent getting out of the car to investigate the robbery and Marie Schrader being driven away.


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  • A complete DVD set of HBO's popular television show Deadwood is shown on their bookshelves. Anna Gunn was on the main cast of Deadwood playing Martha Bollock.
  • Also in a bookcase at Hank’s house is a DVD box set of Breaking Bad.