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Don't put thoughts in my head, you DON'T put thoughts in my head.
― Scary Skell to Jesse.[src]

"Scary Skell" is a paranoid drug addict.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 4[]

Scary Skell and Tucker, came into possession of a Los Pollos Hermanos batter bucket containing a batch of blue methamphetamine. The bucket was originally stolen by the Cartel from a Los Pollos truck. When Tucker goes to answer Jesse Pinkman at the door, Scary Skell repeated shouts for him to close the door. Seeing that Jesse has entered the house, Scary Skell repeated calls for Tucker again and holds Jesse at gunpoint with a shotgun. Jesse tries to diffuse the situation but Scary Skell becomes paranoid at what Jesse says. When Scary Skell is distracted by the sound of Mike Ehrmantraut opening the backdoor, Jesse grabs a bong and hits him in the head, knocking him out. Scary Skell is heard quietly moaning as Jesse holds the shotgun on him while Mike reads the message on the lid of the batter bucket. ("Cornered")


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