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What's that I see? Albuquerque's next TV star? It's you, small business owner! Struggling to make it in today's fast-paced economy? Thought television advertising was too expensive for you? Well you better think again! You can't afford not to be on TV! Look at you, you're a triple threat: great services, great products, and most of all, that face! You're a star! Wrap it all up in your natural charisma, and bam — you belong on TV! Better watch out for autograph hounds and paparazzi! And it gets better! I can have you on the air tomorrow! Yeah, you heard me right — tomorrow! Better get ready to be famous, Albuquerque! I can make you a TV star for a price you can afford! Call me, Saul Goodman! The world needs to know about you and your business! Call me now!
― Jimmy McGill, in a 2003 commercial advertising the business.[src]

Saul Goodman Productions is an advertising agency founded by Jimmy McGill. The agency produces short, low-budget commercials for businesses throughout Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The crew of company consisted of its owner and three film students from University of New Mexico (UNM), including a camera operator, a boom operator, and a makeup artist. Kim Wexler was also a temporary member of the crew. Outside of commercials, the crew have been involved in Jimmy's various cons and schemes.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

After being ordered to take down his billboard by HHM, Jimmy hires cameraman Marshall and boom operator Phil to film him pleading for sympathy. During the shoot, a former client of Jimmy's, whom he hired to pose as a billboard worker, intentionally falls off the ledge, allowing Jimmy to rush to the man's aid and be hailed as a hero. Marshall films the whole ordeal and the footage later ends up on the news, bringing much attention to Jimmy's law firm. ("Hero")

Season 2[]

To film a more pathos-oriented commercial for Davis & Main's lawsuit against Sandpiper Crossing, Jimmy brings Marshall and Phil to Geraldine Strauss' house. It's here where they record Ms. Strauss detail an imaginary story regarding her character moving to Sandpiper Crossing and, eventually, unknowingly losing her money to the firm. ("Amarillo")

Jimmy has a meeting with Marshall and Phil about making another commercial for his own law firm. ("Inflatable")

For a commercial advertising his elder law practice, Jimmy, alongside Marshall and Phil, bring a former client of Jimmy's named Fudge to a military base. After being able to trick Air Force Captain Bauer into leaving them alone at a B-29 Superfortress, the recording crew are able to capture footage of Fudge posing in front of the aircraft, in the character of a World War II veteran. ("Fifi")

In order to get a shot of Jimmy pridefully standing in front of the United States flag for said commercial, he leads the production team to an elementary school. This includes Marshall and Phil, alongside Sherry, a makeup artist who is new to the team. Once the students have gone inside from recess, they set up on the playground, with the crew being positioned to film Jimmy standing in front of the flagpole. The shoot is interrupted when the school administrators come out, preparing to kick them out for trespassing. Jimmy manages to talk them down by convincing them that he's doing a documentary on a famous individual who went to the school, specifically Rupert Holmes. Though the makeup artist tries to protest that Holmes was actually from Britain, Jimmy is able to charm the administrators into acquiescing to his requests. ("Nailed")

Season 3[]

Following Jimmy's temporary suspension of his law license, Jimmy turns to the commercial production industry to earn money in the meantime. Him, alongside the rest of his filming crew, intend to shoot a commercial for a carpet store, although the offer is declined by the owners due to strict scheduling. After the crew is informed of the rejection, Sherry suggests that Jimmy films a commercial advertising their own business, giving Jimmy a spark of inspiration. He then drives the crew to locations with antennas and satellite dishes in order to record a rushed commercial, advertising the team under the name of Saul Goodman Productions. ("Off Brand")

After shooting a commercial for Duke City Recliners, Jimmy decides to keep most of the proceeds for himself because he paid for airtime out of his own pockets. Marshall protests and orders Jimmy divide it evenly, but Jimmy refuses. Next, they go to ABQ In Tune in yet another failed venture to make some money as the music store owners refuse to pay any amount for the commercial which Jimmy has to shoot for free (with a verbal agreement Jimmy gets paid for more commercials in the future) while still paying his interns. ("Expenses")

The next day, Jimmy returns asking for a down payment of $6500 from the ABQ In Tune owners to proceed with 7 more commercials who refuse despite the fact the commercial actually did bring in more customers. As retribution, Jimmy conducts a plan to feign a loose drumstick on the floor and makes Marshall record the incident, thus successfully forcing the owners to pay up. ("Slip")

Season 4[]

As part of his plan to save Huell Babineaux from going to jail, Jimmy hires Marshall and his crew to help him trick ADA Suzanne Ericsen. After the plan works, Jimmy gives Marshall's crew orders on how to handle future phone calls and reminds Marshall that they are paid for the whole day when he asks about if they just have to sit there. ("Coushatta")

A year after Chuck's suicide, Marshall and the Sound Guy are hired to cover the dedication of the Charles L. McGill Reading Room and they interview Howard Hamlin. The two thank Howard on behalf of the whole school, only to learn that Howard is a guest and didn't donate the library. Marshall and the Sound Guy are confused as they thought they heard someone say that Howard paid for everything, but he tells them that although he wishes he could take credit, he can't. ("Winner")

Season 5[]

At the courthouse the Saul Goodman Productions crew ambush Bill Oakley as he walks by. They’re posing as TV reporters who confront Oakley over a case he heard nothing about. Saul Goodman enters the scene posing as a false defendant attorney. ("Magic Man")

Filming at a nail salon, the Saul Goodman Productions crew has been assigned the job of producing blackmail videos against Mesa Verde, installing a green screen in the salon and hiring locals to read out false accusations targeted towards the bank and former bank president Don Wachtell. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

Season 6[]

The Saul Goodman Productions crew are hired again by Jimmy to take pictures of Lenny, an actor posing as Rand Casimiro taking a bribe from Jimmy as part of his and Kim Wexler's con against Howard Hamlin. ("Axe and Grind")

Marshall is acting a guest lecturer when Jimmy pulls him out of class to reshoot the scene after discovering that Casimiro has broken his arm. After haggling over pricing, Marshall agrees, although he is less than pleased when Kim uses his camera tape in the actor's cast. After taking the pictures, Marshall develops them for Jimmy and Kim, who rush the pictures to Genidowski, one of Jimmy's accomplices who is posing as Howard's private investigator. ("Plan and Execution")


Better Call Saul Film Crew (Saul Goodman Productions)

Saul Goodman Productions film crew on location at Duke City Recliners.


Better Call Saul[]

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