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Sandpiper Crossing, Albuquerque is a retirement home in which attorney-at-law Jimmy McGill has numerous clients.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Jimmy arrives at Sandpiper Crossing for a client meeting with Mrs. Landry. At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Landry hasn't enough money to pay Jimmy. Jimmy soon discovers that Sandpiper is overcharging their residents. He tries to enter the building, but they won't let him. Jimmy sees that someone is shredding all of Sandpipers documents and he orders for them to stop. Later that night he sneaks into the garbage outside Sandpiper and takes their shredded documents. ("RICO")

Season 3[]

Sandpiper eventually offers a deal that returns all of the money taken from the clients, but Mrs. Landry holds out. Jimmy eventually gets the clients to take the deal. ("Fall")

However, after learning that he has ruined Mrs. Landry's friendships, Jimmy stages an argument with Erin Brill that reveals the truth to his clients. Jimmy's clients fire him and he states his belief that they will quickly return to their lawsuit. ("Lantern")

Season 6[]


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