The Salamanca Residence was the home of Hector Salamanca.


Season 2

Tuco Salamanca took Walter White and Jesse Pinkman hostage and drove them to his uncle's ramshackle house to wait for his cousins to take them to Mexico. Walt and Jesse tried to poison Tuco with ricin but were foiled each time. In a scuffle, Walt and Jesse gain the upper hand and shoot Tuco, then left him to die. At that point, Hank Schrader, looking for Walter, tracked him to the house using the GPS on Jesse's car. Hank and Tuco have a shoot-out and Tuco was killed ("Grilled").

Walt and Jesse buried Tuco's gun in the desert outside the fence line of the house, then split up, having hatched a plan to explain away their days of absence ("Bit by a Dead Bee").

Some time later, Hector moved to live at Casa Tranquila where the cousins visited him ("Caballo Sin Nombre").




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