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"Sabrosito" is the fourth episode of the third season of Better Call Saul and the twenty-fourth episode of the series altogether.



BCS 304 01

In a flashback to 1999,[1] Don Eladio Vuente is seen swimming in the pool at his hacienda in Mexico. He is visited by Hector and Ximenez Lecerda, who present him with the returns from their drug operation—a bunch of money rolls belted by rubber bands—and a mascot bobblehead from Hector's ice cream store that looks like Eladio and is nicknamed "Sabrosito" ("Tasty"). Soon afterwards, Juan Bolsa arrives and presents Don Eladio with a Los Pollos Hermanos T-shirt as well as the returns from Gus' operation—a much larger amount, neatly packed in plastic wrapping. Don Eladio teases Hector, who is visibly jealous at Gus having won the Don's favor over him.

Act I[]

BCS 304 02

As he is watching the DEA raid the ice cream store, Mike takes a moment to call Stacey to check on her. She thanks him for moving her and Kaylee to a safe neighborhood and invites him for dinner. Later, while watching a movie and sharing some ice cream, Stacey notices that Mike seems anxious, which Mike denies.

Hector is not happy about having lost his supply line. The next day, accompanied by Nacho and Arturo, he walks into Gus' restaurant and behaves menacingly towards the customers and staff, helping himself to some soda and lighting a cigar. Gus is summoned from a visit at a fire station across town and finds his workers held hostage. After sending them home, Gus confronts Hector in his back office, who demands that Gus transport his product, now that he has lost his supply line. After the three cartel members leave, Gus cleans up the restaurant and seems very satisfied that his plan against Hector has worked perfectly. That night, Victor drives to Mike's toll booth to give him his payment. To Victor's surprise, Mike refuses, claiming that he and Gus are "square".

Act II[]

The following morning, Gus addresses his employees and apologizes for the distress caused by the previous day's events. After some silence, Lyle asks Gus who Hector and his men were, and he tells them that they were extortionists he encountered during his restaurant's early years in Mexico and that he refused their renewed demands for money. After giving a rousing speech about how the righteous have no reason to fear in America and how those men no longer have power over him, Gus wins the moral support of his employees.

Meanwhile, Kim and Jimmy have learned that Chuck has hired a repairman to fix the door damaged by Jimmy's break-in. After working her way through the phone book, Kim identifies the company that Chuck has made the appointment with. Pretending to be Chuck's assistant, she gets the repair company to cancel the appointment and passes the information on to Jimmy, who's just giving his written confession a "remorse pass". At Jimmy's behest, Mike visits Chuck's house, posing as the repairman hired to fix his door. After managing to repel Chuck with an electric drill, Mike takes photos of the house's interior with a disposable camera.

Act III[]

BCS 304 10

The next day, when Mike meets with Jimmy at Loyola's to show him the pictures, Jimmy is pleased, especially one depicting a gas lantern sitting on a stack of newspapers. "Now, that tells the whole story" Jimmy gleefully says. He asks about "that other thing", whereupon Mike hands him a note he copied from Chuck's address book. Despite Jimmy's curiosity, Mike doesn't disclose what he thinks of Chuck, but comments that it was "nice to fix something for once", referring to the repair of Chuck's front door.

BCS 304 11

That night, Gus arrives at Mike's toll booth and inquires about his refused payment. Gus comments that Mike's actions greatly benefited him and asks that Mike consider working for him in the future. Mike replies that he might, depending on the work. Before he leaves, Gus reveals that the reason he stopped Mike from killing Hector was because "a bullet to the head would have been far too humane."

Act IV[]

BCS 304 12

Jimmy, Kim, Chuck, and Howard meet DDA Kyra Hay for a mediation session over the proposed PPD. They debate on the wording of Jimmy's confession with Jimmy and Kim trying to avoid the phrasing "destroyed a cassette tape" in favor of the more vague "damaged property belonging to the victim". They also discuss the amount of restitution Jimmy owes Chuck for the door and—on Chuck's insistence—the destroyed tape, after which Jimmy signs a check. However, before the deal is finalized, Hay insists that Jimmy apologize to Chuck for his actions; Jimmy complies, saying that no matter how he was provoked, "no one should treat his own brother like that, not ever."

BCS 304 13

After the meeting, Jimmy storms out without saying another word to his brother. Kim, on the other hand, informs Chuck and Howard that she will move to suppress the tape from Jimmy's hearing before the bar association, having deduced that Chuck made a duplicate before Jimmy's break-in. Chuck reveals that Jimmy destroyed the duplicate while the real tape is under "lock and key" and will definitely be played at the hearing, since the bar association's standard of proof is very lenient.

As Kim rejoins Jimmy and they both leave the courthouse, she says with a smile: "Bingo."

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  • This episode marks the second chronological appearance of Don Eladio and Juan Bolsa, who first appeared in Breaking Bad.
  • The first image of Don Eladio in Better Call Saul, his diving filmed from the bottom of the pool, resembles his fall in the same pool — and his death — after he was poisoned by Gus in the episode "Salud" of Breaking Bad.
  • A voice sounding like Hank Schrader may have been heard over the police radio during the DEA raid on El Griego Guiñador. There was no credit listed for the voice.[2]
  • Jimmy appears for the first time at half the episode, in the twentieth-sixth minute approximately. The first half of the episode is devoted to the fallout of Gus's moves against Hector.
  • This is the first and last time that Chuck and Mike have interacted on-camera.
  • The fire station Gus visits in this episode is the same one Walter White leaves Holly in the episode "Ozymandias" of Breaking Bad.
  • Gus's story about his encounter with the extortionists from Mexico is an apt description of his actual affiliation with the the Cartel and his plan to no longer be controlled by them.
  • The film that Mike and Kaylee watch is "The Mouse that Roared."
  • The first episode Nacho Varga appears in the third season. It was the latest episode Nacho first appeared in any season.




  • Doug Montoya as Customer
  • Sandy Lopez as Middle-Aged Woman
  • Matthew Peterson as Big Guy
  • Ashley Dunec as Teen Girl #1
  • Michelle Herron as Teen Girl #2
  • Roberta Isgreen as Elderly Woman


  • Kyle Pierson as Security Guard

Featured Music[]

  • Let's Date by Valentino

Memorable Quotes[]

Jimmy: "I mean it, by the way."
Kim: "What?"
Jimmy: "Thank you. Seriously."
Kim: "You're welcome, seriously."
―Jimmy thanks Kim for his involvement in the affair with Chuck.

Gustavo: "Don Hector, mine is a cartel business, but it is mine. And it is legitimate. My employees are civilians. Your actions here today have endangered them, my interests, and those of the cartel."
Hector: "I am the cartel, and from now on you are my mule. You are going to bring my product north."
―Gus and Hector.

"You, my friend, are the Ansel Adams of covert photography!"
―Jimmy, admiring the photos Mike took of Chuck's home

Gustavo: "Well, perhaps in the future you'll consider working for me."
Mike: "[After a period of reflection] Could be. That'd depend on the work."
Gustavo: "[Starts off then turns around] Would you care to know why I stopped you from killing Hector?"
Mike: "Like you said, it was not in your interest."
Gustavo: "A bullet to the head would have been far too humane."
―Gus motivating Mike to work for him in the future.

"Chuck, I'm very sorry. I lost my temper and I did some things, so many things that I regret. I shouldn't have broken down your door. Doesn't matter how I was provoked, I shouldn't have done that. There's no excuse for that,or for the things that I said. I regret it all, all of it, more than you can imagine. Because you're my brother and no one should treat his own brother like that. Ever."
―Jimmy's apology to his brother at DDA Kyra Hay's request.