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Chuck: "Mom? Mom?"
Ruth: "Jimmy?"
Chuck: "No, Mom, it's me Chuck."
Ruth: "Jimmy..."
Chuck: "No, Mom, it's m..."
―Chuck and Ruth seconds before her death.[src]

Ruth McGill was the wife of Charles McGill Sr. and the mother of Chuck and Jimmy.


Background information[]

Ruth was originally from Wisconsin and later moved to Cicero ("Marco"). She was married to Charles McGill at one point in her life and together they had two sons; Charles Jr. and James. She helped her husband manage their small convenience store. ("Slip")

At some point following her husband's death, Ruth remarried an unnamed man who was later caught sleeping with Jimmy's second wife. ("Green Light")

Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

In 1992, she called Chuck to help Jimmy after he was arrested for performing a Chicago sunroof ("Nacho").

In 2002, after revisiting Marco, he asks Jimmy on how his mother is doing and Jimmy responded that she passed away 3 years prior. Her funeral was held on their hometown after Marco asked if there's one. ("Marco")

Season 2[]

BCS 210 01

Ruth on her deathbed with Chuck and Jimmy at her side.

On her deathbed, with Chuck at her side, Ruth briefly awoke and called out for Jimmy. Chuck tried to tell her it was him but Ruth continued asking for Jimmy. Before Chuck could tell her it was him, Ruth then passed away; her last words calling for Jimmy.

When Jimmy later asked Chuck if Ruth had said anything before she died, Chuck out of jealousy and anger said no ("Klick").

Season 4[]

Ruth is mentioned by Howard while reading Chuck's obituary over the phone to Jimmy and Kim ("Smoke").


Better Call Saul[]

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  • There was some speculation that Ruth McGill may have been named after Ruth McKean, the mother of Chuck's actor, Michael McKean[1]. However both Vince Gilligan and Heather Marion confirmed that this was a coincidence, as the name of the character was chosen from the list of popular female names of the time[2].